52 weeks of win


Win - 51 Weeks

I can’t believe I am typing this right now. This is Win’s last weekly update. Next week he will be one year old, 12 months. I will continue to write monthly updates for him for the next year at least, but this is the last weekly one. I wanted to capture him one more time in all of his naked, cloth diapered, chunky baby glory. As I was undressing him and getting out my camera, my mind flashed back to the fifty times I have done this before, and it just seemed unreal. The last year has gone by so quickly, and I am glad that I have so many photos to look back on. It’s the only way I can truly remember. 

Last Saturday, Win started really getting the hang of assisted walking. Now he loves to cruise around (fast!) with his push toy and toddle along while I hold his hands. He does a lot of independent standing, and a bit of furniture cruising, but I think his first real steps are still several weeks away. And even though he is heavy and loves for me to carry him everywhere, I don’t mind if his progress is slow. It keeps him my baby for that much longer. I really wish I could keep him little forever.

Win - Week 1 

Ready for 52 weeks of Win updates? That’s my goal. I did it for Eleanor, and I really want to do it for him too. Even if I can’t find a lot to write, I hope to at least get out my real camera and snap his photo every Tuesday until his first birthday. 

He is still Win Poppins, practically perfect in every way. He is making our lives easy. I don’t even feel like I have a newborn. He sleeps really well at night, only waking twice to nurse. I’m sleeping much more soundly than I did when Eleanor was his age. I guess I’m just more relaxed. He’s such a great nurser that he can already easily latch in the side-lying position, so when he does wake during the night I just pop him on and go back to sleep. This is why I love co-sleeping.

There isn’t much going on developmentally at this point. He lost his cord stump at 5 days, which worried me because it seemed early, but it looks like his belly button is healing well. During the day he nurses and sleeps a lot, as he should. He is easy to soothe and is ok with being put down. He will sleep for quite a while in his bouncy seat and I really hope he keeps it up, because it will make my life as a stay at home mom of two so much easier. 

He’s content in every imaginable way. He doesn’t even mind having his diaper changed that much. He has a few spells of alertness now where he will calmly look around with wide open eyes. It might sound silly to say, but he seems simply happy to be alive. I’m so glad he is finally here. And I just love this newborn stage so much.