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Gain more knowledge. Grow your mental ability. Read, read, read. Don’t just watch TV and movies. Virtually all highly successful people do some form of daily educational reading. Regardless of what they read, they make sure it contains useful and meaningful information from which they can benefit from in the long run. Statistics show that the average person reads less than 1 book per year. If you could read 1 book per week, that would mean about 52 books per year. Now imagine what an advantage that will give you over everyone else. 


‘Wicca: A Year and A Day in Magick The Complete Beginners Guide’, available for $11.95 on paperback and $6.95 on Kindle.

Start your path in Wicca and become a witch! This book goes over 52 weeks of topics in Wicca, from ethics and magick to mythology and the afterlife. You will learn about what Wicca is, the Wiccan sabbats like Beltane and Samhain, astrology, mythology, and what magick is. Then you’ll discover different types of magick, such as house magick, protection magick, love magick, crystal magick, herb magick, prosperity magick, and kitchen witchcraft. You will begin to understand the major pantheons of Gods and Goddesses of Celtic mythology such as Cerridwen, Lugh, and Brigid and Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Athena, and Artemis. In the study of Egyptian mythology, you’ll know the major stories of Isis, Osiris, and Horus. Then you’ll discover the mighty Gods of Norse myths, such as Thor, Frigga, Loki, and Odin. All from a week to week basis that can be used as a good foothold for the rest of your Wiccan path.

This book is perfect for the beginner in Wicca and it’s also a workbook. At the end of each week or chapter, there is an activity for the reader to do that seeks to build upon the knowledge in the chapter, either through research or person experience. This book can be used for both coven training or for the solitary Wiccan.

“My wife and I bought this book and it is a life changer as well as a MUST READ. I would encourage anyone who is interested in Wicca to buy this book. $11.95=priceless.” - Tyr G

'Wicca: A Year and A Day in Magick’ was written after Lady Nephthys completed a video series by the same name on her temples YouTube channel, Universal Pagan Temple. Lady Nephthys is a Wiccan high priestess and has years of experience in the craft and teaching new Wiccans the topics and principles of Wicca.

2nd of October

#girlbossoctober challenge!

Part two: Written multiple days after the actual second of October though…

2. Reading:

I literally just finished a book my dad recommended to me, called The Assassin’s apprentice by Robin Hobb, which I really liked! I also recently finished Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and I’m currently reading Jane Eyre. I had to read a book for my English class and one of the options they gave us was to read those two books!

When I was still in primary school I read an incredible ammount of books, which I once calculated to over 300 books per year (Three times a week to the library, three or four books with every visit, 52 weeks in a year, you can calculate it yourself.). It’s a lot less these days though, because I’m busy with school and I spend a lot of time on the internet. (I’m trying to work on that…) Nowadays I mostly read for school, though on occasion I will read a book for myself.

My favourite genre is fantasy, without a doubt, though I also used to like historical fiction set in medieval ages (or the Dutch Golden Age). Also, I read/have read a lot of Young Adult books. Some of my favourite authors are: Sarah J. Maas (From Throne of Glass) and John Flanagan (from Ranger’s Apprentice)

A book that I’m definitely going to read is Song of Achilles, because I have to read a book for my classical culture class and my best friend (@cobaltstudies) recommended it to me!

A retelling of a fairytale.

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This was supposed to be for the 52 week challenge… It’s supposed to be stories of I think up to 1k words. Well that didn’t work.

This story has two endings! The one I’m posting today stays closer to the original story. I’ll probably post the second ending tomorrow-ish. Also book!verse looks because of obvious reasons. Major character death in the first ending.

Also you should thank @sarcasticlightwood and @otppurefuckingmagic for beta’ing this, they are amazing and without them I’m not sure if this would have seen the light of day ♥♥♥

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