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Gothopia: Missed Opportunity for the New 52.

The New 52 reboot was devastating to the BatCat relationship. However, there was a story arc that could have righted the ship and changed the trajectory of their relationship. This was Gothopia - a story that appeared across multiple titles including Detective Comics, Catwoman, Birds of Prey and Batgirl.

The concept of Gothopia was a Utopian Gotham City where crime was nearly zero and it was defended by the dynamic duo of Batman and Catbird. However, there were some people who were acting out against this perfect world and thought it was fake. One in particular was Poison Ivy:

One thing that was very obvious in Gothopia was the relationship between Bruce and Selina:

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So I’ve decided to read the New 52′s Zero Year: Secret City. At some point, Bruce Wayne disguises himself as the Penguin and tries to confront the Red Hood Gang, which eventually results in the Red Hood leader recognizing him. He then tells him that he finds him interesting and offers to join his gang.

Interestingly enough, this timeline promotes the idea that the man who later becomes the Joker was kinda sorta not really right in the head to begin with, and him meeting Batman didn’t change much in that department. It did give him a sense of purpose, though, and obsession he would turn into the sole reason for his existence. Because, frankly, as the Red Hood, the guy does not seem to know what he’s doing. No pattern, no goal, no philosophy behind his crimes other than to strike fear. I think, as far as the New 52 goes, this moment right here is the real birth of the Joker because it gives us the first glimpse into his future fixation on the Dark Knight, which essentially defines the Joker as the Joker.

Oh, yeah, and, when Bruce is unmasked, the Red Hood quite nonchalantly says that he can show him his face as well. The face that none of his own damned gang members saw. Just… casually show it to a dangerously hostile vigilante who will not hesitate to take your grinning ass downtown. Talk about love at first sight.


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