52 liveblog

Oh, they’re actually full robots. I was going to comment that it was lucky they all had robot limbs Jack could slice off for non-organic violence, but he just decapitated that one and it was a robot. Of course. Why wouldn’t they be robots?

Do not mess. With Samurai Jack.

And of course now the parents immediately appear. Almost suspiciously so, but I doubt this show’s going to do anything beyond wrap up.

Oh my god I think I’ve seen this screencap before. Kid’s got Samurai Jack eyes now. Amazing.

Samurai Baby. Amazing.

Okay, that’s it. I’m waffling on a 7 or 8 for this episode, it was nice but nothing too special. I think I’ll let it get away with an 8 though, even if that’s a little high. I’m allowed to be nice.

As I expected, it wasn’t anything different from a normal episode, and I assume that for those stuck between season 4 and 5, they might look upon it negatively for it’s the last episode and did nothing about anything.

Nonetheless season 5 does now exist, so that’s exciting.

I’m away this weekend, so either the next or next two days will be liveblogless. When I return, we’ll start season 5, which is going to be a different experience for me. I was advised to use the official adultswim website to watch episodes in order to support the creators, which is going to make taking screenshots much much slower, in MPC I can just right click and save the current frame. So that’s less ideal. Maybe I can pipe the video stream into MPC? I’ll look into it. But it may be that there are less screenshots in shows I can’t watch through a videoplayer, solely for the sake of time. We’ll see.

That’s it for today though, say goodbye to season 4. Next time… season 5.

Power of friendship: confirmed. 

Wait, what did you say. 

Oh my god. 

Oh my god. 


A true survivalist.

There are so many thoughts in my mind right now but they’re all failing to get out of the gate as I focus solely upon Robot Chest Hair. Good lord.

Poor bounty hunter never stood a chance. You’d figure by the point Jack’s bodytotal was known others would start thinking he’s not worth the trouble.

Anyway kid have a free traumatic experience.

Of course this kid just caught a cold Jack what the hell do you think babies are? You best deal with this, that’s very dangerous to a child!



Ohhhhhhh all of my theories were so stupid, oh my god they just genuinely love each other! 

We have female coded characters in a children’s cartoon that are in a committed relationship sharing affection for one another on screen and I’m just so happy I’m gonna cry! Not ONCE did it ever cross my mind that Garnet was fused as part of a relationship! 


I have never seen Garnet quite so enthralled! This is beautiful!

Did she get a new outfit change? She definitely did - this is way more purple, and I am very on board with this new design. 

I love that the crew waited to reveal this to us - I think allowing Garnet to work as a character for an entire season before pulling the rug out from under us and revealing “nope, she’s actually two tiny lesbians in love” teaches us a lot about fusion indirectly, but that’s something I’ll try and touch on when I do character analysis and a season wrap-up post later on. This changes everything, but coincidentally changes nothing. I’m positively elated!