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[DC Variant Covers] The New 52′s “Selfie” Edition (August 2014)

This has got to be one of the most adorable (and relatable) things to come out of the New 52…

Justice League #34 by Dale Eaglesham

Action Comics #34 by Gary Frank

Aquaman #34 by Dan Panosian

Batgirl #34 by Dave Johnson

Batman ’66 #10 by Joe Quinones

Batman #34 by Ryan Sook

Batman and Robin #34 by Phil Noto

Batman/Superman #14 by Paulo Siqueira

Catwoman #34 by Stephane Roux

Detective Comics #34 by Tommy Lee Edwards

Earth 2 #26 by Kevin Maguire


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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm just starting out with comics and was wondering what batwoman ones I should start ?? :)

Hi there! If you’re new to her comics, this is a small starter pack for Kate

  • Her first appearances were on 52 (2006-2007), issues #7, #9, #11, #28, #30, #33-36, #45, #47, #52 
  • Detective Comics v1 #854-863 (2009) (Batwoman: Elegy collects #854-860) 
  • Batwoman (2011-2015)
  • Detective Comics Rebirth (on going) (starting on issue #934)
  • Batwoman Rebirth (2017)
  • Dc Bombshells (2015-2017) 

under the cut more appearances

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Week 1:

Make a drawing or painting using this pallet that expresses either sadness, uneasyness, or dispair.

dID SOMEBODY SAY DISPAIR??? (more like dis pair amirite?)

48Group Members’ Ranking for Run For Money

As many fans know, Tosochu, or otherwise known as Run For Money, has had several AKB members participating in this game show.

The following members are ranked by time left remaining when they were eliminated, unless they are those who managed to finish the game.

1. Akimoto Sayaka - Won (2010/11/23)

2. Iriyama Anna - 00:51 (2015/11/29)

3. Yamamoto Sayaka - 01:41 (2014/07/06), 02:40 (2014/09/28)

4. Miyazawa Sae - 03:18 (2012/08/28)

5. Takahashi Minami - 06:50 (2010/10/10)

6. Umeda Ayaka - 08:55 (2012/08/28), 15:05 (2013/4/14)

7. Itano Tomomi - 22:44 (2010/03/24), 27:40 (2010/10/10)

8. Kasai Tomomi - 37.29 (2012/10/07)

9. Yokoyama Yui - 45:59 (2015/11/29), 52:43 (2014/01/05)

Amazingly, as you can see here, Sayaka was the only member who actually finished and won the game. Wow. How awesome is she? As expected of AKB’s Superwoman.

What’s also cool is that majority of the members that participated were either current or former Team K members at the time.

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How catholic is Bavaria? I've always read that Bavaria is catholic and conservative unlike the rest of Germany which is Protestant/atheist and liberal. And what are some good places in Bavaria to visit? If I ever go to Europe I'm making sure I go to Austria, Bavaria and Poland

It’s true, Bavaria is… unique and apart from the other 15 states of Germany and it’s the only place with Lederhosen. ;) It‘s where many of the „German“ cliches and stereotypes come from. It probably still is the most Catholic and the most conservative/religious place in Germany overall, even though this used to be far more so decades ago. Altbayern has long been Catholic, the regions of Franken (Franconia) and Schwaben (Swabia) have always been more diverse with both Catholics and Protestants. In 1925, 70% of Bavarians were Catholic, 29% Protestant, 0.7% Jewish, 0.5% other. By 2014, 52% were Catholic, 20% Protestant, 4% Muslim, and 24% are not religious or other. More on religion in Germany here: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/religion

Popular places to visit in Bavaria include München (Munich), Berchtesgaden, Neuschwanstein castle, Hohenschwangau, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and these http://www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions-/bavaria-state-d-ba-ba.htm among many other places. Also check out my Bavaria tag to decide where you might want to go: http://willkommen-in-germany.tumblr.com/search/bavaria Have fun.

Haruka saying Makoto’s name S2 (completed ver.)

00:00-00:26 ES EP01-13
00:27-00:28 Extra Fr
00:29-00:50 Drama CD 1
00:51-01:04 Drama CD 2
01:05-01:25 BD Bonus Drama CD 01-07
01:26-01:33 ES Special Event CD
01:34-01:36 Sugar Cake CD
01:37-01:52 Birthday message to Makoto (2014)

Of course I made the audio with Haruka saying “Makoto” too! In this audio Haruka calls his best friends 59 times. There are many different kinds of “Makoto” here, but I love the ones with an annoyed vioce. They sound cuter to my ears…I think It’s not just me… Please let me know if I missed any “Makoto”.

I will post a video “All makoto from Free!S1-2” after Illustration Works Vol.2 comes out.

::: Makoto saying Haruka’s name
::: My makoharu videos and audios

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