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[DC Variant Covers] The New 52′s “Selfie” Edition (August 2014)

This has got to be one of the most adorable (and relatable) things to come out of the New 52…

Justice League #34 by Dale Eaglesham

Action Comics #34 by Gary Frank

Aquaman #34 by Dan Panosian

Batgirl #34 by Dave Johnson

Batman ’66 #10 by Joe Quinones

Batman #34 by Ryan Sook

Batman and Robin #34 by Phil Noto

Batman/Superman #14 by Paulo Siqueira

Catwoman #34 by Stephane Roux

Detective Comics #34 by Tommy Lee Edwards

Earth 2 #26 by Kevin Maguire


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Haruka saying Makoto’s name S2 (completed ver.)

00:00-00:26 ES EP01-13
00:27-00:28 Extra Fr
00:29-00:50 Drama CD 1
00:51-01:04 Drama CD 2
01:05-01:25 BD Bonus Drama CD 01-07
01:26-01:33 ES Special Event CD
01:34-01:36 Sugar Cake CD
01:37-01:52 Birthday message to Makoto (2014)

Of course I made the audio with Haruka saying “Makoto” too! In this audio Haruka calls his best friends 59 times. There are many different kinds of “Makoto” here, but I love the ones with an annoyed vioce. They sound cuter to my ears…I think It’s not just me… Please let me know if I missed any “Makoto”.

I will post a video “All makoto from Free!S1-2” after Illustration Works Vol.2 comes out.

::: Makoto saying Haruka’s name
::: My makoharu videos and audios

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Week 1:

Make a drawing or painting using this pallet that expresses either sadness, uneasyness, or dispair.

dID SOMEBODY SAY DISPAIR??? (more like dis pair amirite?)


Review: Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB and Micro Blur Skin Perfector!

If you love the lightweight, silky texture and effectiveness of Kiehl's  Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++ (I believe it’s called Super Fluid UV Protection SPF 50 PA+++ in the US), you’ll be excited to know they finally came out with a BB cream which has the same sun protection rating.

I don’t know about you but I’m kinda glad at the return to old-school BBs with an emphasis on skin treatment, after the slew of later bandwagon products that claim to have 6-in-1, 8-in-1, 10-in-1 properties, but mainly just give coverage and hydration with minimal skincare.

Kiehl’s promises theirs has not just immediate color-true coverage but also clinically-proven results to protect and improve skin tone over time. 


The key ingredient is the high level of stabilized Vitamin C, which can prevent oxidative stress on the skin and also clarifies uneven skintone. I haven’t used this long enough to see a noticeable difference yet but I would pick 3 straightforward promises rather than 10 gimmicky benefits. 

The coverage is very lightweight, as you might expect of a tinted sunblock, but as shown above, it IS buildable and stays natural-looking when layered. 

It’s extremely lightweight, but stays dewy and moist-looking. I would think this might be a great product for adding some natural looking radiance to dry or mature skins. 


The first one I can mention would be the strong medicinal smell. This is completely fragrance-free but the smell might get to you. It does fade away a minute after applied, but I’m just letting you know!

There are only 3 shades available (4 in the US) and I - at NC25 - am wearing the deepest shade available in Singapore, Natural. The pigments are a nice neutral tone and seem to be quite forgiving so I believe it will fit a pretty good range of skin tones, but I’m just not sure it can cater to darker skins.

This is not greasy, but the dewy finish can be problematic for very oily skins. You will probably need to set with powder if you have oily/combi skin.

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB retails in Singapore for $52 (US$37).

Another product that might be exciting for those who are concerned about grease and visible pores is the Micro-Blur Skin Perfector, which will be launching in May 2014.

Unlike most mattifying primers which don’t really do more than just layer a lot of silicones and silica on the skin to absorb a bit of oil and create the illusion of matte skin, Kiehl’s again expects their product to be dual-function. Besides mattifying the skin instantly, it also contains lentil extracts to tighten pore walls and Lipo Hydroxy Acid (LHA) to support gentle exfoliation, which automatically reduces the appearance of blackheads. 

The thing this geek is most interested in is Lipo Hydroxy Acid, which is a popular surface exfoliant for those with sensitive skin. If you haven’t heard about it, It’s an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory acid like Salicylic Acid but structured slightly-differently so it doesn’t penetrate as deep or have the same irritation potential. While it’s not as good at pore-clearing, it does give cleaner and more even surface exfoliation so it allows women with more sensitive skin to do gentle exfoliation for radiance.

Long term use also has been show to stimulate cell renewal and to strengthen the extracellular matrix, so definitely look out for this ingredient!

Kiehl’s recommends Micro-Blur Skin Perfector as the final step in the skincare regimen, to be used after application of UV or BB Cream, in place of primer, before foundation.

What I found is that:

  • it takes a couple of minutes to reach maximum “matteness”. When you just pat it on, it still looks dewy. Resist the urge to keep applying more and more. (I was surprised when I took a photo a couple of minutes later because I initially thought, “It’s not mattifying at all!” but it did become more matte after awhile.)
  • Even if you use a patting motion as recommended by Kiehl’s, there’s no avoiding the removal of some coverage. The red/brown spots on my skin became more visible after I patted this on, even though skin texture was noticeably more matte. You’re probably going to need to follow with some concealer if you have any blemishes to conceal.


It does work as a mattifying primer, but only slightly. Don’t expect dramatic matte results, and don’t expect to stay matte for many hours either. 

That said, this is not a problem for me because I don’t use primers for their mattifying effect anyway. It’s just a temporary effect and a blotting sheet is my preferred choice. Remove the excess oil, don’t hide it.


I would still pick this over regular primers in a heartbeat, just cos of the additional skin regulating properties. A good primer should either make your foundation look better and last longer, or help treat/protect your skin. It shouldn’t JUST look matte.

Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector will retail in Singapore for $52 in May 2014. (I don’t have details on the US release at this time!)


Wish I had time to do more! My foot game is super lame, so I thought I’d get in foot practice, and for some reason still cant get a normal flat inner foot very well. So I’ll just keep having to grind on that. I also drew a space Andro? I was really tired, and I’m almost positive I was making that very face while drawing. Glad I managed to get the feet thing going though. In absolute desperate need of that.

M81 - Bode’s Galaxy and M82 - Cigar Galaxy. This is an interesting area of the night sky where 2 bright galaxies can be viewed in the same field of view. They are quite easy to find here in the Northern Hemisphere. Look near the end of the “bowl” in the big dipper, north of the bright star Dubhe. The two galaxies will appear as faint smudges in a modest backyard telescope.

This image was taken using my 8" Orion Astrograph Reflector in April of 2014.  52 Minute Exposure Time (13 x 4 minute subs) using a stock Canon Xsi.