52 carat


New one of a kind Line Stone Cluster Ring. Featuring a .42 carat blue Sri Lankan sapphire, a .59 carat elongated cushion cut mauve sapphire, a .52 carat yellow bicolor Sri Lankan sapphire and a purple spinel. Come try this guy on at our new flagship store on Driggs Ave in Williamsburg Brooklyn. For more info please email mociun@mociun.com or DM us. #mociun #mociunoneofakind #mociunjewelry #mociunrings #sapphire #spinel (at Mociun)

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100 Ways To Say I Love You

Or “I see this on The Internet pretty much all the time”

1. I got you this Adult Coloring book

2. I won’t make fun of your adult coloring books

3. Sure, I think Oscar Isaac would love you

4. I’ve murdered your boss

5. You have a chip on your shirt and I’m going to eat it

6. I just watched this Youtube video that’s 4 minutes long. It’s pretty funny but I’m not going to send it to you.

7. Dinner is on me.

8. I’m not going to ask for your fries just because I ordered a salad

9. Don’t bother showering

10. I’ve already DVR’d the exploitive FXX OJ Simpson movie with Sarah Paulson

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