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Jared Leto’s Joker: permawhite but has to dye his hair and apply lipstick (same goes for Harley)

Came up with this theory back when the very 1st pic of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was published and saw that only the ends of her hair were dyed. Then more info came to light and re-enforced it. Anyway, it’s an old theory for me, but thought, what the hell, let’s share it here really quick.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the source material:

According to main canon, after the Joker fell into the vat of chemicals in ACE industries, he got out with bleached skin, green hair and red lips, all permanent.

Same thing happened with his New 52 origin story, again, all permanent:

For the origin of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, they seem to have taken inspiration from The New 52 version (*sigh*), where Joker brings Harleen Quinzel to ACE Chemicals and throws her into the same chemicals he himself fell into (notice the same green chemical colour as with Joker’s New 52 origin above)

Below are more or less the same events during Suicide Squad:

Ok, so one of my many problems with Harley’s new origin, is the following: Why, when the same chemicals bleached Joker’s body, gave him red lips and dyed his hair green, had a different effect on Harleen? How does the half-pink-half-blue hair have anything to do with green hair? Yeah I know it’s a comic so why not, but still.

In the movie, they seem to have figured out a way to bypass this “plot hole/lack of continuity” when it comes to colours. What they seem to have done, is keep the bleaching effect of the chemicals as consensus, and toss its other effects(at least the superficial ones). So the different hair colour Joker and Harley now have, comes down to their personal decisions and aesthetics.

ACE chemicals: what they now do is bleach the skin and bleach the hair, as you can see below:

The colours and red lipstick are Harley’s personal decision (well, more like the result of her obsession with the Joker rather that decision-decision). The colours were not chosen by her at random though, as during her chemical bath she was wearing a blue shirt (see above), and Joker was wearing his purple one, dying the chemicals in those colours (see two pics above: Joker and Harley in the vat)

Below you can see Harley without red lips and with washed-out hair dye:

Back to The Joker:

As I said at the beginning, taking into account Harley’s New 52 origin and the fact that the movie seems to be following it, the consensus drawn by those two facts is that the Jared Leto’s Joker -since he fell into the same chemicals as Harley-, got his body and hair bleached as well but that’s it when it comes to his appearance. No permanent red lips and green hair.

Notice below the “sloppy” way he has applied his lipstick. Were it his “natural” lips red, they would be clearly defined:

Of course, this whole theory comes down to the prerequisite of Joker and Harley falling into the same chemicals, and them having the same effects on both of them. But this does seem to be the case from what we have seen so far. So yup, it seems that this Joker spends quite some time on his appearance, not that this is any news when it comes to the Joker, you know, his flamboyance and all.

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One of the last know wartime photos of Erich Hartmann, taken at Chrudim, in Czechoslovakia, on 17 April 1945. ‘Bubi’ had just landed after claiming his 350th victory (a Yak-9), and is facing a crowd of well-wishers and yet more garlands - much to his obvious embarrassment! Two more kills and three weeks later and it would all be over….

Info partially taken from http://www.amazon.com/Jagdgeschwader-52-Experten-Aviation-Elite/dp/1841767867/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448786016&sr=8-1&keywords=osprey+jg+52


ACS PLZ-52 (China)

Weight – 43 thousand kg;
Length – 11600 mm;
Width – 3380 mm;
Height – 3550 mm;
The caliber of the main gun - 155 mm;
Barrel length is 52 calibre;
Caliber anti-aircraft machine gun – 12.7 mm;
Angle horizontal guidance – 360 degrees;
The angle of the vertical guidance – from -3 to +68 degrees;
Maximum speed – 65 km/h;
Maximum range of fire is 53 thousand m;
The rate of fire is 8 RDS/min;
Crew – 4 people.

108 word ficlet 3

I am having too much fun writing these

“Was this your card?”


“O. Seriously?”

“Emma, you have actual magic, why bother with these tricks?”

“Because,” Emma drawled as she shuffled and fanned out the deck once more, presenting it to Regina with a flourish. “It’s how I used to pick up all the ladies.”

Regina let out a breathy laugh as Emma wiggled her eyebrows then drew another card. When Emma turned the deck over again, she was surprised to find all 52 cards turned into Aces of Hearts.

“What the hell? How did th-”

“You’re right,” Regina interrupted, pulling a confused looking Emma closer by the collar.  “I am totally swept off my feet.”