The one thing my 51yr old redneck coworker and I agree on is that the real housewives franchise is genius and the best thing to happen to reality television. Although he likes Orange County best and I’m a Beverly Hills kinda girl

momo62  asked:

I am coming to see you in April and I am bringing my 14 yr old and her girlfriend, we just think you are both hilarious. I have been following you both for a while, now this may come across as odd or creepy as I am 51yrs old, I just wish that my eldest daughter had found all you girls and was able o cope with life a little better but you have certainly opened my mind and made me try and be the person I should have been many years ago. So now I support my youngest in any way I can. Mo.x

Wow, I can’t wait to meet all three of you! We’ll have a really great day! :)