Sorry for the wall of text, only way i can fully explain this experience.

This whole issue started about the second week of January. My brother just got an AAC 51T 2.0 Comp, we got it mounted to a bolt action, went to mount the can and then noticed it backed off without pushing the latch….ah crap. Upon closer inspection, the “teeth” on the latch looked worn, still had a decent edge, but worn.

So the ball was started on getting it fixed by AAC, after hearing some recent horror stories on how long it took and such, we weren’t exactly ecstatic about it, and plus we only had the can for a little over a year.

A few emails and such later, we got an RMA and the details on sending it back, which is where the first issue arouse. Since the warranty is done through Remington, to get a shipping label, you go to this page and enter your details. The problem is after you do that, you just see a page saying to the effect “thank you, a pickup has been scheduled, here is your shipping number”. Well that isn’t specific, so i called AAC, which told me to call UPS for a specific time, so i call UPS, after a few transfers, i talk to someone who tells me “due to the way the shipping arrangement is setup by Remington, your scheduled pickup time is between 9am-7pm on the following business day”…….uhhh what? I ask about scheduling a more specific time like a 2hr time frame since i don’t have the time to sit around all day, or if i can just take the package in and get a label through a UPS store. The UPS lady tells me the driver will have the shipping label and a UPS store can’t help me due to the way Remington has it arranged.

So, i call AAC about it, to see if i can drop it off at a hub or somewhere else on my time. The guy tells me to stop by a “hub” since UPS stores can’t handle the item. The closest hub is about 40 minutes away, but whatever, i just want to send it back asap so it can be fixed.

Well once my brother and i get to the UPS hub with the previous information given to us, the first customer service rep at the counter has no idea how to cancel a label and reprint due to its contents and the arrangement through Remington. So a few calls later, and a few service reps later, we get a UPS manager who finally knows what to do and we get the packaged labeled properly and sent off.

Here’s a timeline of what happened next:

  • Jan 14: The package was shipped at 6:37pm. With Shot Show around the corner, i wasn’t expect much.
  • Jan 18: Package was received by AAC.
  • Jan 20: I was contacted by Nick (AAC rep) and told the suppressor was received and being looked over before the work will be done. I was told everything will be covered under their warranty and a follow up call will occur when the work is done.
  • Jan 26: I got a call letting me know the work on the latch was finished, but they noticed that there was a small end cap strike that wasn’t noticed by the tech when it was first looked over. It wasn’t a bad end cap strike, but definitely noticeable to someone looking it over. They said they would fix it under their warranty and chalked it up to the latch issue, fine by me. I was told another call would be made when that was fixed.
  • Feb 2: I get a call from Nick again, letting me know all the work was done and the can will be shipped back to me later that week.
  • Feb 5: I call to see if it shipped. I was told it was shipped yesterday (the 4th)……i ask if i was suppose to get a shipping number or a heads up. The service guy (Nick) said their system isn’t set up to let the customer know their can is coming back (which is odd since you need to be there to sign for it), he admitted it was odd and he was happy to give me the tracking number.
  • Feb 8: Just got the can back a few hours ago.

The can now mounts as tight as the 51T mount system allows. The new end cap is nice, and the new paint job they did is top notch. It’s definitely a newer style, the old coating was more black and slightly satin. The new coating is more gray than black and the gray is matte, much like my Saker.

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