The proposed State of Superior is the name of a longstanding “51st state” proposal involving the secession of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from the rest of the state of Michigan, due to cultural differences, geographic separation, as well as the feeling that the capital in Lansing ignores the problems of the Upper Peninsula.

Named for Lake Superior, the idea has gained serious attention at times, though it is quite unlikely to ever come to fruition due to the large amount of funding that the area receives from the lower part of the state and the strong connections that were cemented by the completion of the Mackinac Bridge, which gave the peninsula a direct highway connection to the rest of the state. (via Wikipedia)

Proposal to make Chicago area the 51st state

An new addition to the long history of Chicago vs downstate Illinois and its separatist movements

“The metropolis to the north may be Illinois’ cash cow, but it dominates the political scene and has for most of the state’s 193 years, producing the current leaders of both legislative houses and the governor, who doesn’t venture into the hinterlands much but does so more often than his prison-bound predecessor, Rod Blagojevich— also a Chicago guy.

While most downstaters — here a name bestowed on towns even north of the city — are resigned to shaking a collective fist at the Windy City, two central Illinois lawmakers are pitching a unique, if outlandish, solution to eliminating the state’s cultural divide: make the Chicago area the 51st state.”

The Signs as Stupid Yahoo Questions

Aries: “Where do whales live?”

Taurus: “If evolution is true, then why don’t pigs have wings?”

Gemini: “What does it mean if someone says ‘meow’ to you?”

Cancer: “Is there a spell to turn back into a human that actually works?”

Leo: “How do I ask a question on Yahoo! Answers?”

Virgo: “What does fall 2010 mean?”

Libra: “Do midgets have night vision?”

Scorpio: “How do I take care of my pet potato?”

Sagittarius: “I was bitten by a turtle when I was a young lad, should I still drink orange juice?”

Capricorn: “Is there any possible way of making 2 + 2 = 5?”

Aquarius: “Should America make China the 51st state so we can get better access to Chinese food?”

Pisces: “Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?”

(Yes, these are actual questions.)


The 51st State (Robert Carlyle) Backstage