Puerto Rico is voting on statehood on Sunday

This Sunday, June 11th, Puerto Rico will vote to decide if it should become our 51st state. It’s expected that the vote will be a solid yes, but after that they still need to argue with Congress.

While the Republican party has officially said that they support Puerto Rico in seeking statehood, in reality they haven’t been supportive at all - probably because as soon as it becomes a state it would be part of Congress and the new additions would most likely all be Democrats.

It’s true that Puerto Rico brings with it high unemployment and serious financial problems, but these problems exist whether or not it’s a state and these people are still US citizens.

If you’re a Puerto Rican please vote. If you’re not, show your support.

The 51st State

The relief traffic map above indicates approximate average density of traffic on the interstate highway system - a dense linear territory between city, state, and countryside. 

“Fed by the prosperity of the last decade, the 46,567-mile network of limited-access roads that make up the Interstate System is a linear economy-on-wheels, a distinct and self-sustaining 51st state, in a sense, that generates life and commerce …”

Peter T. Kilborn
The New York Times
July 14, 2001

The system is the destination.


“I meant to take care of him, not fucking TAKE CARE OF HIM!

Puerto Rico

They voted, once again, to become the 51st state. And not by a small margin. 

It was 97% in favor. Though, to be fair, turnout was in the twenties. 


Because there’s virtually no chance that Congress will actually allow them to be a state. Most that opposed the ridiculous vote boycotted, since it was meaningless.

Puerto Rico remains a glorified colony of the United States. If you need to laugh as you learn, John Oliver did a show about the recent debt crisis.

anonymous asked:

What if Puerto Rico became 51st state and the US was like "wow an uneven number of states, maybe we should buy another island to make​ into a state!" And buys PEI from Canada to become the 52nd state of the US. What would you do?

i’m in new brunswick right now so i’d just go get my stuff and stay here 

Since Scotland’s leaving I thought the Union Jack could do with a redesign. Added in some wales support ;) fucking love that dragon way better than England’s flag.

[/last two’s a joke ;) i’ll be making my way across the border if England becomes the 51st state❌🚫👎👎]

AyeforScotland: Nice one!

Area 51 is actually the 51st state and all the aliens live there in harmony but no one can figure out why and they cant escape because then there would be no more wars and excellent tourism brochures