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King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is set to host a special dinner for 150 Netherlanders who share the same birthday as him (April 27th) and who are celebrating jubilee years ending in 5 or 0, in celebration of his 50th birthday this year. The King’s 50th Birthday will also be marked with 50 hours of public celebration at the palace as it is opened to the public

Dutch Royal House

I hope we’ll lots of other royals attending!

  • me when i see a funny text post: o cool lemme check this person's blog to see if theyve got any other Funny Jokes to Tell
  • me visiting the person's blog seeing all of their posts are trying way too hard playing way too into the common non sequiter style of text post, only getting 50-200 notes per post, every 50th post breaking 1000, and every 200 posts making it to a sizeable 10-50k: ive misplaced my trust once again

If you exchange all the times someone is called “fair” in the Lotr books with “pretty”, it’s a much funnier book.

“The Pretty Folk”

“The Three, prettiest of all…”

“'I see,’ laughed Strider. ‘I look foul and feel pretty. Is that it?“

“Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face pretty and young and fearless and full of joy;”

“Alas! alas!’ cried Legolas, and in his pretty elvish face there was great distress.”

“Where now is Boromir the Pretty?“

“Thus Aragorn for the first time in the full light of day beheld Éowyn, Lady of Rohan, and thought her pretty, pretty and cold,…”

im Pretty Rusty after not drawing for two months (broken computer) but i really wanted to make something for the anniversary so heres some chahura !! happy 50th birthday star trek

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So, I’ve just read 50th post complaining, that Eurus actions don’t make sense - that she could’ve done it in easier way (like dressing as the therapist and shooting John was pointless). Well, if you’re thinking about something like that, then you don’t understand her character AT ALL.
She is not Moriarty, who basiclly just wanted to have some fun. She is not Culverton, who was addicted to murder. And she defenitly is not Vivian, who had a master plan.
Eurus is not driven by thoughts. She is driven by emotions. She clearly isn’t a 100% psychopath, because she feels. She is a little broken inside, but she has this need to feel. When you know everything, knowledge is boring, you know? She tried to understand human nature and meanwhile she discoverd, that she is human too.
Eurus is so complicated. She could have had a master plan, but she was curious and broken inside. Some of her actions do not make sense, but THAT’S THE POINT. She is full of opposites and that’s why she is so interesting.


So it appears that I have stumbled my way up to my 50th post. I thought I would try for something a bit more special to celebrate and this is what I came up with. 

The last month has seen a big change in traffic here on my page (well… none to some ha ha,) I have had lots of lovely comments and I thank you for them all. I was Particularly happy with some of the photos in this set, I think the last one is my favorite, I hope you all like them too. I think I might have crossed the line this year from a fancy-dresser to a cross-dresser and I have to say I have enjoyed it every time. (Grrr …. I hate labels.)

Where will my next 50 posts lead me? I still have lots of ideas I want to try. I really like the look of gothic and steampunk outfits, something in shiny latex could be exciting too. I also think it would be great to visit one of the make-over services, the photo sets I see from “Boys Will Be Girls” in London always look amazing, it would be great to see them work their magic makeup wand … who knows!! 

Cassi Xx.              ;-)

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