Okay, so I reached 5K a while ago and thought it was time to do another follow forever. I’ve made some really good friends on here. Most of which I’ve known since I’ve started this blog so its only right that I mention all my cookie cakes. Thanks to bramrps aka buttace for the cute graphic.

✔ my cookie cakes 

✿im so happy to have met all you butts because you're perfect and i love you and id say we're homies so yeah if you're here this means you're stuck with me always✿

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✔ ..and i am in love with you 

✿ i stalk you from a distance but im actually infatuated with you and your blog and i have no shame to admit this ✿

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✔ my little infinity 

✿ you make my dash the perfection that it is ✿

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✔ networks

 ✿ augustus waters ✿

 ✿ the fault freaks ✿

And this, my friends, marks the beginning of a long and illustrious career for our very own Ansel Elgort. Just three months our “little nugget of light” was awed to have 10k followers on instagram. Since then, he’s finished filming two other movies

Victory and celebration are in order among Ansel fans!

A toast to new beginnings. A toast to creativity. A toast to talent. A toast to Ansel.