This or That? || Harry Potter Edition ||

1: Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley?
2: The Three Broomsticks or The Leaky Cauldron?
3: Fred or George?
4: Chocolate frogs or Every Flavored Beans?
5: The Chamber Of Secrets or The Room Of Requirement?
6: Voldemort or Umbridge?
7: The Burrow or Malfoy Manor?
8: Dementors or Giants?
9: Trevor or Crookshanks?
10: The Hogwarts express or Arthur’s Ford Anglia?
11: Hufflepuff’s cup or Ravenclaw’s Diadem?
12: Gryffindor or Slytherin?
13: Seeker or Chaser?
14: Amortentia or The Elixir Of Life?
15: Molly’s cooking or school feasts?
16: Death Eaters or The Order of The Phoenix?
17: Bring Sirius back to life or Bring Dobby back to life?
18: Kill Hagrid or Kill Mcgonagall?
19: Be part of the Weasleys or Be part of the Potters?
20: Charms or DADA?
21: Get bitten by a werewolf or Become a horcrux?
22: Free the elves or Free the goblins?
23: Have a date with Draco or Have a date with Cedric?
24: Bestow a curse on your best friend or a hex on your family?
25: Zonko’s or Honeyduke’s?
26: Illvermorny or Hogwarts?
27: Muggles or Squibs?
28: Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood?
29: Ten feet of parchment on a subject that you enjoy, or five feet of parchment on a subject that you hate/never listen to.
30: Own the Elder Wand or Own the Invisibility Cloak?
31: Wizard’s Chess or Exploding Snap?
32: Marauders or Albus and Scorpius?
33: Golden Snitches or Buldgers?
34: Nifflers or Demiguises?
35: Bellatrix or Narcissa?
36: O.W.Ls or N.E.W.Ts?
37: Have Lockheart or Snape as a teacher?
38: The Great Lake or The Forbidden Forest?
39: Get your soul sucked out (like Barty Crouch Jr.) or reveal all of your secrets to everyone under the effects of vertiserum?
40: Punch Harry or Kick Ron?
41: Live forever or Resurrect all deceased loved ones?
42: Discover your ACTUAL House or your patronus?
43: Sneaking into the kitchen or sneaking into other dorms?
44: The dungeons or The towers?
45: Merpeople or Centaurs?
46: Drarry or Scalbus?
47: Head Boy/Girl or Prefect?
48: MACUSA or The Ministry of Magic?
49: Fleur and Bill’s wedding or Remus and Tonks’s wedding?
50: “Always” or “Yer a wizard, Harry,”


DAY 3365

Malta                      June 14,  2017               Wed 8:50 PM local time 

Birthday - Ef Sejal Shah …   Ef Sunita Roy      
 Thu, June 15 .. and it is time to celebrate the birthday’s of two of our Ef’s .. may you both have a wonderful June 15th .. with love and wishes from all the Ef  …

And another gruelling day comes to an end on the sets of ‘Thugs of Hindostan’, the labour of great effort by production, on a film that has immense detailing and needing the efforts of several professionals in their respective fields ..

Most commendable to find the kind of management that today’s film productions go through .. the clarity of the work, timings, preparations and the execution to the dot .. most impressive and deserving laudatory reactions ..

And as I sit to run through the day in the mind, needing to respond to the social media, to the Ef in all their finery and art, one of the picture librarians amongst us sends a picture :

This be the Filmfare Awards night and the Best Actor trophy going to Sanjeev Kumar, for the film ‘Aandhi’ .. and yours truly invited to present it to him ..

The Filmfare Awards were the only award event in the film industry at the time .. it was still the property of Bennett Coleman, editored by Mr Karanjia , and the concept and event idea coming from senior heads at Times of India ..

Unlike the times of today where the results are announced, with some amount of dramatic uncertainty, much like the Oscars, the Filmfare Award was then a predetermined and announced winners list .. 

So the winners were announced almost a month in advance by the magazine .. the process being one of some kind of judgement by the paper themselves, or perhaps a jury system .. Sanjeev Kumar was adjudged Best Actor .. 

It was the year that ‘Deewar’ was also in the running, and barring yours truly, all the others connected with the film were rewarded ..

I was  personae non grater for the entire media world then, particularly for the film media, because for some reason, it was understood and believed that the Press Ban brought about during the time of the Emergency in the country, and it was during those times, the person responsible for it was ME .. an utterly nonsensical and absurd accusation - much like the hundreds of others that I have had to face through out my existence so far - and therefore acknowledging that fact, the entire media banned me ..

Nothing was ever printed or written about me .. no coverage of any of my films or my works .. and no pictures if I was to attend a function. The photographers would put down their cameras on the platform where I stood and so long as I was there, they protested and never took a single photograph .. if there were to be a credit title description of a film .. for eg., say ‘Nastik’ .. it would be Hema Malini, (,) and Pran .. I was the comma in the film and so on ..

When the media banned me, I felt I should ban them too, which I did .. so no media was allowed on my sets, I gave no interviews and never met any journalists .. this went on for several years .. I think almost 15 years .. until the moment when I relented .. I relented when one of the leading magazines that had religiously refused to carry any information or write up or mention, wrote a most sympathetic and compassionate piece in their magazine .. I was surprised of course, but did not reject it either .. it was the time when I had had my ‘Coolie’ accident and was in the Breach Candy Hospital .. when I came out recovered, I did seek an appointment with the Editor and owner of the magazine and asked why he had done what he did, despite the ban ..

In his most forthright and honest manner he said .. “we were upset and annoyed with you, because of what you had done to the media, and we wanted you to fail .. but we did not want you to die .. and so we wrote this piece when you recovered” ..

It was an emotional moment and from then on we have been the normal best as before ..

But then I have digressed ..  not without reason .. the Filmfare Award was a page out of this ban .. not giving me recognition for ‘Deewar’, was fine by me .. whether it rode the theory of the ban or not does not bother me .. Hari Bhai, Sanjeev Kumar was an exceptional artist, a dear friend, and the vote of the jury was to be accepted .. 

I have often countered that moment with my own assessment and stated on many an occasion, even at a Filmfare event, that not giving recognition for ‘Deewar’ was perfectly acceptable, because, I argued, if Filmfare did not give Dilip Kumar the Best Actor for ‘Gunga Jamuna’, his best ever performance according to me, then ..’mai kis khet ki mooli hoon’ ..

Anyway, in those days the surprise element unlike today, was not who won .. that was out a month before .. the surprise element would be who is going to present the Award !

During the time of the media and press ban, my films ironically, were the biggest hits, and so in a sense giving acceptance to that, Filmfare invited me to the Award function, and announced me to give the Best Actor Award to Sanjiv Kumar .. many commentators of the time and rival media when talking to me, expressed opinion that the move was to deliberately humiliate me by performing this deed .. I have never given any credence to this opinion and never paid any attention to it .. 

But in all fairness I must mention here, that soon after the event was over, the next day I did get a letter from the Editor, Mr Karanjia who generously thanked me for attending the function despite the media ban, and acknowledged the fact, in his own words .. ‘despite all else, you did get the largest applause of the evening’ !! 

To me that was my award  .. 

Award functions and events are a gracious evening of recognition of talent ..

They are also a funny business  .. 

If some one rewards me in recognition of my work, I shall accept them, most humbly, with grace .. if they do not, I shall equally and in all humility accept their decision ..

After all …

‘Man ka ho toh achcha .. na ho toh zyaada achcha”!


Amitabh Bachchan

Jumin Han: Last Breath

Hello everyone welcome to this new angst series :D So with Jumins part I really recommend reading his Wedding Dance One Shot before reading this c: it gives it extra feels :3 

Jumin: * his pov *

I always knew I had to eventually lose her. I would have never guessed that 50 years of marriage can pass by so quickly. We both wanted to die in each other’s arms but that was only just a dream. If there is a word that I can describe my life with (y/n), it would be the word dream. Many people would be puzzled why I pick that word and it’s only because they simply don’t know that (y/n) made every single one of my dreams come true. She gave me two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, and they suddenly became my world. After many precious and memorable years, we finally completed our last dream; which was growing old together. The only downside of growing old together is that eventually one of our names will be placed on the tombstone first. I always hoped that my name would be first but with the cancer spreading throughout my loves body, it seems that God didn’t listen to my wishes. For many months, (y/n) health slowly decline and suddenly, the cancer is spreading quickly. The doctor told me that she only had 2 weeks left yet, my love has been here for 5 weeks. I made sure to visit (y/n) every day and today was going to be a special visit. Today is our 50th year anniversary and I’m hoping that the doctors let me stay a few hours past normal visiting hours.

 I smiled at the nurses while I was making my way towards her room with flowers and a balloon hand in hand. I slowly opened the door afraid to wake her up with my presence. I was greeted by the sounds of her heart monitor and other machines that were connected to her. Seeing her like this, breaks my heart even more because I’m seeing her become more lifeless every single day. I smiled at her putting down the flowers and balloons making my way towards her. She grabbed my hand and gently whispered “Please tell our children to come now”. Her request was a bit odd because she knows our kids always visited around the afternoon. As always, I respected her request. She wanted to meet with our kids one by one. I didn’t understand why but it was finally my turn. I walked in and she had tears running down her fragile face. I grabbed my handkerchief and wiped her tears away “what is wrong my soul, today is our 50th anniversary! We will get through this my love, I promise you” I whispered gently. I saw the wrinkles from her lips form a small smile. She motioned me to sit down and I grabbed her hand while doing so. She tilted her head towards me, preparing to break my heart. The look of her face told me everything before she even said a word.

 She caressed my thumb while looking into my eyes “Jumin, my love, my heart, my soul… I c-can’t keep fighting. I’m.. I.. I’m tired of ha-having tu- tubes everywhere. We lived a bea-beautiful life and you ca-can let go now Jumin. You can l-let me go now my love” she pleaded with my heart but neither my mind or heart was ready for that request. I looked into her eyes noticing how her soul was slowly leaving her body. I gave her fragile hand a tighter grip “remember our wedding day 50 years back?” I managed to squeak out while tears were caressing my face. I felt cold thumbs caressing my hand as if she tried to tell me to keep going. I gave a heavy sighed and brought her hand to my forehead “I vowed to worship you till my last breath and that will always continue. I told you that day that you were the color in my black and white world. I cannot lose you (y/n) you m-mean too much to me and I wo-wouldn’t know what do without you. P-Please” I got off the chair and kneeled on the floor “let’s con-continue fighting together because I can’t lose you. I refuse to lose the best thing that has ever happened. I know this is selfish, but seeing your face always gets me through the day. I will give up my heart, mind, body and soul for you (y/n). Everything I did in our life together, just know it was for you. Please don’t make me sign the paper.” Tears started to flow out of my eyes like waterfalls and I looked into her face seeing she hasn’t changed her mind. I kissed her hand gently finally accepting her last request. “We were made for each other. Thank you for the life you have given me. Thank you for keeping me alive. My shattered heart belongs to you now.” I got up from the floor and kissed her forehead.


 I talked to the doctors and signed all the paperwork that was necessary to fill my loves body with morphine. That is what she wanted screamed my mind. Congratulations, you killed your happiness screamed my heart. My wife’s last request was to not let the kids be in the same room. I was the only that was going to see her last breath. I sat on the seat next to her while the nurses were removing all the tubes that helped her stay alive. I felt my wife’s hand grip mine tighter with needle being pulled out. I finally saw that she was in pain. My loves head tiled to the side and gently whispered “Thank you”. I nodded while I was seeing the nurses prepare the morphine for the doctor. I saw two more doctors enter the room as a witness for the report the hospital needs to do. I looked into my wife’s beautiful eyes while the doctor slowly inserted the morphine inside her. Tears were rolling down (y/n)’s beautiful angelic face. I cleaned them with the same handkerchief that I wore on our wedding day. I notice she was feeling more relax and I felt cold hands caressing my face. I breathed in anticipating the moment of when she gave her last breath “Thank you for showing your heart to me, thank you for handing me the key to your heart. I vow to love you for the rest of my time here in earth and I vow to find you in our next life. I thank God every single day for allowing an angel to be my wife. We raised two beautiful children that gave us the gift of 5 grandchildren. We been through so much in life that I do not know what to do without you. I am going to miss you for the rest of my short life. Everything that I do will always remind me of you. I just want you to know that everything I did for you, I put my heart and soul into it because you are worth my blood, sweat, and tears.” I couldn’t breathe because I notice her soul was starting to leave her body. I was scared I wasn’t going to have enough time and I gripped her hand and screamed “I vow to worship you till my last breath, just know when my heart stops beating the last beat was made for you!” I breathed heavily and heard “I love you Jumin Han” ever so softly. Your last breath was my name. My least breath will forever be your name. I love you (f/n) Han. I’m going to love you till my last breath.

DAY 3343

Jalsa, Mumbai                    May 23/24,  2017                  Tue/Wed 12:50 am

Birthday - Yogesh AB EF .. greetings to you love happiness and all the best there is .. from your Ef ..

Time takes time .. it takes time to take the time we want .. and when the time is done and it has come then it is time to time the time ..

My timing says it is late for the early morning call tomorrow and I must rest .. so I leave .. but not without admitting that the hours of work put in in front of a lens at times is less arduous than the kind of time one spends in a day .. at times ..!!

But this little interlude was so special .. meeting Christine Carvalho .. who .. hold your breath is 103 years old .. 103 .. !! And sees all my films, a number of times .. had the most ardent desire to meet me .. blessed me on my forehead .. watches Tv every day .. her favourite programme is WWE .. unbelievable .. does her own chores .. bathes on her own, washes her own clothes and just so incredible ..

I shall be more exhaustive in the morrow .. my love and my care and my all 

Amitabh Bachchan