“The Space Lounge Robo-Vocalist Sensation!”

I always really liked the original tagline on Sweet Ann’s box, and wanted to give her a design that matched the kind of 50s-space-future vibe they seemed to be originally going for, so here’s robo-Ann in her usual white dress plus a more old-timey space-future inspired design

(idk credit me if you want to use them)

darkroasttales  asked:

What type of themed birthday party would your OC's choose?

ill only do a few bc i got a lot of ocs

Soren- pirates, dress an a pirate or get the boot

Hector- none, he refuses to tell anyone when his birthday is

Winter- just cute and pastel, its all good and fun until he suggests they play murder in the dark

Mali- something with a 50s malt shop vibe