50s pinup hair…best and easiest tutorial


This is my first paid piece of design work as a graphic design student. I designed the logo for Pinkies Diner, a 50s style diner based in Afflecks.

The brief given to me by the owners was to come up with a logo with a 50’s theme. They wanted me to include a waitress and their signature milkshake.

I used a retro typeface which I modified in illustrator along with a sketch of a waitress which I did and also vectorised. After getting the go ahead from the owners, from the basic skecth, I moved on to vectorising the logo.

After colouring, the design  was looking too crisp and as I wanted a retro feel, I used halftone shading and also  added aged textures to give it a retro look.

I spent a lot of time learning how to do vectorised hair for this project, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be but it was worth the extra time I put into it.

I especially enjoyed experimenting with halftone which is something I’d never done before and really gave it the  vintage feel I wanted to achieve.

The owner of the café sent the final logo to his web designer who was impressed and will be adding it to the website soon.

Next I will be working on their menus and signs. The logo is also going to be printed on t-shirts and mugs. The t-shirts will be printed at Kustom Korner in Afflecks.   

Pop into Pinkies for a cupcake and a milkshake! :)