there are two possibilities, whether I want to draw sin, or I’m lazy af to draw outfits. forgimmepeople.

Bill : G’Morning, Pine Tree!

Dipp : Morni– B-Bill! It’s still fuckin morning!

Bill : My~ What a naughty mind you’ve got, P.T. You hate cuddling perhaps?

Dipp : Y-you sly little dorito…..

Bill : Oh, dare to talk back huh? I suppose our ‘lesson’ last night was not enough, was it?

Dipp : Oh no–

Bill : Oh yes.

Dipp : B-Bill! A-ah~

*Sound has been muted due to violence graphic and 50+++ mature content*


50 Shades Of Gradence AU:

In which a certain Credence Barebone is in search of a new Dom, and when he encounters Percival Graves outside his natural habitat, at a mutual friends wedding reception, he realizes he might have hit the jackpot.