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I cant remember you all, and there will be some that I didn’t see in my notifications but I’m very grateful to everyone! And also to all my followers, I hope everyone has a happy new year and is happy and safe in 2015! 

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“Is he a regular?”

“Yeah. But a regular what? I’m not allowed to say on the clock.”


NO WAY, BABY [listen here] | (a gone girl mix)

i. this is what it feels like - banks | ii. hunger of the pine - alt j | iii. jdnt - glass animals | iv. dig a grave - dark dark dark | v. texture of my blood - dillon | vi. wicked games - katie kim | vii. adelma - grizzly bear | viii. gun (jamie isaac remix) - chvrches | ix. cannibals - kyla la grange | x. gun - emiliana torrini | xi. blue blood blues - the dead weather | xii. you’re so dark - arctic monkeys | xiii. 10 cent pistol -  the black keys | xiv. no rest for the wicked - lykke li | xv. cruel world - lana del rey | xvi. ghostly arms - zoo animal | xvii. sour times - portishead | xviii. darling are you gonna leave me - london grammar | xix. biggy - warpaint | xx. shallow - 16bit | xxi. gravediggress - cocorosie | xxii. babylong - sza | xxiii. i follow rivers - lykke li | xxiv. two weeks - fka twigs | xxv. begging for thread  - banks | xxvi. skull crushing - cliff martinez


50 Tacos Branding and Interior Design by Estudio Yeyé

“50 combinations of tacos will show the variety of our gastronomy and culture, seeking a branding that will represent the contemporary Mexican folklore in different ways, leaving behind the typical Mexican stereotypes of hats and cactus, and really show what we see in the streets of our country.”

Estudio Yeyé - Killing Helvetica with a machete since 2010. Based in  Chihuahua, Mexico, Estudio Yeyé is focused on graphic design, branding, print design and illustration.

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