Talk From Superheroes: Catwoman

Diana and Andrew talk the horrors of Catwoman with guest Elena Lowe (Writer, Podcaster) for the second week of Bad Movie Month on the Talk From Superheroes Podcast. This week’s episode breaks down the disappointing lack of puns, when to CGI and when not to CGI and asks why Catwoman doesn’t have a cat.

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detail of “but there is a storm blowing from paradise…” by Julia Rosa Clark 2016

PRICE: R3,200.00 / €200

collaborative screenprint made with 50/50 project of Black River Studios

6-Colour screen print on archival 75% cotton paper (250gsm Zerkall) with collage “objects” printed on archival deep black paper.

2500 collage “objects” were hand-cut by the artist and attached with archival bookbinders glue in the same location on every work.

Paper size: 560x760mm

Limited edition of 50 Numbered and signed by the artist Hand-printed in South Africa