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Lol how come I never knew this vid existed!!! It’s hilarious but so true XD And OUCHH, I got called out so hard by this XD 

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Some more little droplets that need to get out! 



“It’s not going to work.” You told Ignis, yet the man was adamant about this! You had to admit that Ignis persistence to have your boyfriend eat a vegetable was remarkable, rather stupid but remarkable. 

So now you sat, waiting for Noctis to take a bite of his veggie patty burger, that Ignis had made this evening for game night, everyone over at your shared apartment to relax. You watched Noctis close, as he took a bite from his burger, chewing rather normally and than as if he knew of the betrayal at one of his oldest friends you knew the moment he was personally offended and you’d be taste testing food for him for a bit. 

“Fuh waah Spek!” He yelled mouthful of food. 

You sighed, standing up holding your hand out underneath his mouth, “Spit it out.”

“In your hand?” Prompto gagged.

“Yes, spit it out Noct.” You called, as your boyfriend opened his mouth allowing the chewed food to fall in your hand. With your clean hand, you reached over grabbing your plate with a beef patty, putting it before your picky boyfriend pressing a kiss to the fringe in his eyes, “Better luck next time, Iggy.” 



You both had been going at this for about 2 hours, you loved Prompto down to every single freckle on the top of his head to the one that was on the bottom of his left big toe, no matter how big or small, but this needed to end! 

“The blue ones are nowhere as fluffy as the yellow ones! It’s scientifically proven!”

“I grew up with them! They all have the same fluff!” You retorted, both of you staring each other down when you finally huffed. “Fine, I can’t even look at you right now this argument is ridiculous.I don’t even know why we’re having it!” 

“Fine.” Prompto bit back, as he stood up from the couch that you were currently debating on. 

You watched as he moved over to the light switch, turning dramatically to you before flailing his hand back and turning off the light, leaving you both in darkness. Only to be broken by the both of you giggling.

Well, shit, you couldn’t argue with that, could you?



“What’s up?” Gladiolus inquired as you sat on his lap, staring at the man. This wasn’t your typically lovesick gaze he would find you do every so often. Nor was it the “Gladiolus Amicitia you had better apologize if you wanna touch my butt ever again” death glare, this was something he didn’t think he ever saw. 

“I…” You began, your eyes trailing down the left side of his face.

He had to admit he was a little put off by your gaze, even more so when you took his book from his hands, making certain to bookmark it with a ribbon you had laying around. Followed by grabbing his face bring it close to your own. 

“I noticed it before, but Gladdy-Baby you have the prettiest eyes.” You cooed.

Gladiolus felt his heart jump into his chest, as he quickly wrapped his arms around you. “Thank you, no one’s ever told me that.”

You pouted, “That’s not fair! They’re so pretty!” You pulled back, looking into the dark eyes before you, seeing them turn an amber color. “They’re so beautiful, I really love them! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier!”

Gladiolus begun to press kisses against your cheeks, he was truly happy! No one had ever said anything like this to him, he honestly couldn’t stop nuzzling you and pressing kisses to you. “Thanks, Babe.’ 



You moved into the study, already knowing that you’d find Ignis in there elbows deep into some report or another. He was the future King’s advisor, he couldn’t advise Noctis if he himself was falling asleep while seeing to said, Future King.

“Iggy My Love.” You called not wanting to sneak up on him. Last time that happened, there was two pair of daggers drawn in the study and a lot of apologies on both ends.

“Yes, My Love?” He called back.

You were tongue-tied, seeing the man with his hair disheveled from running his hands through it multiple times, sleeves pushed up, and so very focused. Did it just get warm in here?

“Ignis My Love, have you used the sleep?”

You both stopped, as Ignis turned towards you staring in confusion. He seemed to notice, you, yourself had caught the slip.

“Maybe I could use the sleep.” You muttered to yourself, only to hear the other chuckle at you.

Ignis stood moving over to you, “Yes, we should both use the sleep.”



“Do you think pancakes or waffles this morning, Little one?”

Ravus blinked from the bedroom of your apartment, having crashed here as you both were too tired to go home to the estate, and you still technically paid rent here for the next few months. Yet who were you talking to? Both Lunafreya and her significant other (his annoyance in law) were enjoying a trip to see Noctis, and unless he was mistaken, it took 9 months for a baby to be bought into the world. 

So the Commander made his way to the kitchen of the apartment, only to stop and stare in shock. As on the couch was Umbra wearing a bath robe, as if he was human, laying down watching t.v. 

“Umbra.” He called to the black dog who lifted his head long enough to receive scratches. Only for Ravus to turn into the kitchen and find his beautiful wife standing at the stove, which was lovely. The strange part was that you had Pyrna on your hip like a toddler, cooking breakfast.

“My treasure?” 

“Good Morning, My Ravus, would you prefer bacon or sausage today?” You smiled as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. 

“I am fine with either, I do have two questions.”

“Of course?”

“Why are you holding Pyrna?” 

“She likes it, I went to go get her and Umbra this morning, I figured we’d be here most of the day and didn’t like them locked in the estate all by themselves.” You cooed, getting a nuzzle from the cream dog. “I promise Luna that we’d watch them.”

“Fair enough, now My Treasure, why is Umbra in a bathrobe watching television?”