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what I desperately crave is more friendships between marvel women.

Natasha and Wanda have regular movie nights together (Natasha loves action comedies and Wanda likes fantasy or scifi best. They have a list with movies that fall into both genres)

Maria and Pepper hang out after business meetings and drink wine when Tony has been particularly extra. You can’t tell me that Betty Ross, Helen Cho and Jane Foster don’t meet up over science business. Darcy has tagged all pictures of them together as #yeahsciencebitch!

Sharon and Natasha go to the same gym. They spar as often as possible and keep track of their scores. Wanda also tags along sometimes to pick up some of their moves.

All the ladies have a groupchat where they can exchange workplace gossip and bitch about their dramatic male coworkers. Lady Sif and Gamora are somehow in that group, too.


Women’s History Month :
Audrey Hepburn
May 4, 1929 — January 20, 1993
Actress, model, dancer, and humanitarian.

Some of her Accomplishments:
Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF
Academy Award for Best Actress (1954)
Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award (1990)
Presidential Medal of Freedom (1992)
Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award (1992)
BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award (1992)
John Hersholt Humanitarian Award (1993)

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

I realized one more amazing thing about last night's episode of Supergirl

That episode was incredibly female centric but more so than that, 4 key players in the episode (Lillian, Cat, Rhea and the President) were women over 50 years old.

It’s rare enough to get a woman over 50 on TV at all, more rare it is to have that woman be a key player in the plot line.

Having 4 female characters, all completely different and amazingly complex in a show and have them all be incredibly important to the story is unheard of.

anonymous asked:

Here is something I think a lot of people aren't mentioning in Wonder Woman. Sure, Chief being in the middle of Europe was awesome and the lack of a big explanation is a plus to the film. But how about that they didn't bother to explain the diversity of the Amazons either. Sure maybe it just common sense that Greek islands aren't far from Africa and other places but that didn't stop movies being almost exclusively white for decades.

This movie is a such a blessing tbh I mean it has:

  • Chief, a Native American, in the middle of Europe, no explanation needed and he was actually played by a Native American actor who was allowed to choose his own clothing for an accurate representation (x)
  • Sameer saying he wanted to be an actor but he’s the wrong colour
  • Accurate portrayal of PTSD
  • Chief talking about how white people took everything from his people
  • A diverse group of women portraying the badass Amazon warriors
  • Amazonians of all ages because yeah women after 50 exist even if Hollywood refuses to believe it  
  • Etta mentioning that women were fighting for their right to vote
  • Body-positivity (thigh-jiggle cause female bodies do that sometimes and it’s ok)
  • Not a single moment of Diana or any woman for that matter being hyper-sexualised (thank you Patty Jenkins)