50s scent

ryan ross peeks from the bushes of a dog park, He, Diligently, he watches for his next mission. beads of sweat form on his brow and he concentrates ever so quietly, plotting his next move. the thickly leaves from the bushes scuff across his 950 dollar gucci slippers. he takes a liver treat from his pocket and tosses it beside him. he waits. a nice and tall dog, perhaps one of the bloodhound family tracks the scent from 50 feet away. he trots towards it without hesitation as it’s owner converses with another dog owner with an english mastiff. theyre too caught up in their conversation about effects of 700 milligrams of niquil to notice that hes pulled the dog in with a kong ball, approx. 4 inches in diameter. he bounces it into the van and quickly drives off. he has a new dog. checking his tag, his name is elwood. all is good and he is eating that treat

summer greets
me, a kiss on each
rosey cheek
every morning.
she whispers, you were never weak,
just gentle as breeze.
she is the season
in which i come back
to life.
my hope is not found in
fireworks or midnights,
nor new borns,
daffodils, blossom.
my hope sounds like friends singing
indie pop out of key,
tastes like lemon sorbet melting
faster than it can be eaten;
smells like peach scented factor 50 we
apply to each others backs;
looks like turquoise water where
shallow ocean strokes land.
my hope feels like sand
between my toes,
like saltwater burning my throat,
like hugs from my best friends,
like showering off sweat,
like picking out a postcard for
my grandmother, like holding pinky
fingers when it is too
hot to hold hands.
yes, summer can lash out, yesterday she
burned my back but
it was in the shape of
angel’s wings.

1)OOO I DEMAND A SOULMATE AU FOR DK RIGHT. THIS. INSTANT. thank you admin i appreciate your hard work :)
2) Oooooh i loved the soulmateAU!woozi so much thank you!!!! If i may request another thing, could you do one for DK (dream or first words you choose) and thaaaank you again!!!

Note: thanks for the request Chye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (and crookedyoungkid)

  • Okay let me start off your two wrists were filled with your soulmate tattoo
  • and you were slightly afraid because how long did your soulmate scream to literally fill both your wrists?
  • you already thought your soulmate would be a pretty loud person
  • and you were right but we’ll get to that later
  • it was summer and of course you had a little job to pay for some shit
  • you just worked at a mall in a perfume store
  • yes it meant that every day you smelled like 50 different scents but they didn’t pay badly and why not
  • you had to greet the costumers and if they wanted help you’d have to show them some possible perfumes (the expensive ones of course)
  • the mall was exceptionally empty today until suddenly there were finally a few customers after 1 hour of fiddling with your fingers
  • and yes they went into your store!
  • you and your co-worker were eyeing each other asking who would go up to them
  • he seemed beyond happy to let you take it, so, you could finally do something in this hour boredom
  • thank god
  • you went to the group of 5 teenage boys (why would they be going to a perfume shop you asked yourself)
  • “Hi my name is Y/n how can I help you” 
  • and then hell broke lose
  • it all happened so fast but one dude’s eyes went open so wide you’d think they’d almost fall out and then the screaming begun
  • it was over faster than you thought it would have when he yelled
  • “(…)AAH Y/N”
  • you looked him in the eyes and thought to yourself ‘why him’
  • still, you were panicked by the scream and you just yelled back “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”
  • and you just had a lil’ convo of yelling because both of you were so excited to have found your soulmate
  • first you were a bit skeptical but after a few minutes you already loved him
  • you both had totally forgotten about the other 4 boys that were with him but they seemed totally unfased by what had just happened
  • you finally got your ass to them and they were like “So you’re the famous Y/n!”
  • you just spend your days goofing off with this sunshine


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