50s men

  • Professor X: 50 Shades Darker has grossed more at the Box Office than the Lego Batman Movie, and currently stands as the highest grossing film of 2017 so far. We have to help the world of Cinema.
  • Logan: Someone will come along.
  • Professor X: Someone has come along.
  • [In Andrew's mind]
  • Andrew one: painting sure is fun.
  • Andrew two: you know what else is fun? Killing your boyfriend.
  • Andrew one: that doesn't sound fun at all, Andrew.
  • Andrew two: well, how would you know?! All you do is play Exy, Andrew!
  • Andrew three: I think Andrew is right. We should branch out in our hobbies, Andrew.
  • Andrew two: oh shit! Andrew, Neil stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something, stupid!
  • Andrew (aloud): I wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • Neil: aw, thank you!

Women are fertile only a few days a month up until they’re like 50 years old , while men are fertile every single day until the day they die basically, producing millions of sperm per hour. Yet women are the ones taking pills, putting in IUDs, sponges, patches and what have yous, increasing the risk of blod clots, strokes and breast cancer , experiencing side effects such as heavy cramping, urinary tract infections, cervical inflammation and irregular spotting to name a few.

For like 4 days a month. 



Women’s football was massive in the First World War and after the war finished the football teams that had sprung up from ammunition factories remained very popular. The FA noticed, ‘women’s football? Why is everyone paying to watch women’s football? What’s this I hear about a 53,000 crowd watching women’s football at Goodison Park?’ then letters started to appear in the papers saying it was unfeminine, unladylike and medically unsound for women to play football. It was fine for them to work in ammunition factories and be exposed to all of that danger of explosions, that was fine but it was medically unsound for them to play football? The FA banned women’s football from being played on any FA affiliated pitch, which crushed it. The ban stood for 50 years.