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Rfa+V+Saeran react to a surprise birthday party mc made for them? With cake and balloons (I feel like saeran would have an ice cream cake XD)


  • He was truly surprised
  • he had been so caught up in rehearsals for his new play he had honestly forgotten it was even his birthday
  • when he walked into his place he screamed
  • like a little girl
  • he hadn’t been expecting anyone at his home aside from you
  • when he calmed down and realized what was going on he was all smiles
  • and taking selfies with everyone
  • and smothering you in affection
  • “Mccccccc you’re so cute! You did all this for me, awwwww!”


  • he was expecting you to at least tell him happy birthday
  • but you had acted like it was just a normal day
  • he was a little hurt but didn’t say anything
  • he didn’t want to make you feel bad for forgetting
  • so he went to school, giving you plenty of time to set everything up
  • when he got home, he couldn’t stop smiling
  • all of RFA and some of his guild members were there
  • “you didn’t forget..”
  • “i could never forget anything about you Yoosung, let alone your birthday silly”


  • he didn’t celebrate his birthday
  • didn’t see the appeal of it
  • he was too busy with work and spending time with you to worry about celebrating
  • he wanted to celebrate just the two of you anyways
  • but when you started being a little secretive he figured it out fairly quickly
  • but he didn’t say anything, he knew how hard you were working to hide it from him
  • he practiced his ‘surprised’ face in the mirror to try to make it believable ]
  • it wasn’t
  • he wasn’t expecting you to have borrowed 50+ kittens for him to play with though
  • he had fun at the party, a smile never leaving his face


  • she hadn’t celebrated her birthday since her parents passed
  • it just didn’t feel right to her
  • you respected that, and instead of a party you did something a little different
  • you drew her a bubble bath, made her favorite meal, and moved the TV into the bathroom 
  • so you could both watch Zen’s plays while relaxing
  • when she saw everything you had done for her, she teared up a little bit
  • “i love you so much MC, thank you”


  • he knew
  • he hacked into your phone when you started locking it as soon as he got close
  • he trusted you weren’t cheating or anything he is just a curious little shit
  • he didn’t say anything though
  • just started dropping little jokes that hinted at what you had planned earlier that day
  • “what do you call it when you mix honey buddah chips with cake?”
  • “u-uh what?”
  • “delicious”
  • i didnt say they were good jokes
  • he enjoyed every minute of the party though


  • he thought you were leaving him at first
  • you were suddenly too busy to hang out with him
  • “mc if you want to leave just tell me, you don’t have to pretend to love me anymore”
  • he was teary eyed and it broke your heart
  • “you idiot im not leaving you! i love you, i was trying to plan a surprise party for your birthday”
  • “…oh”
  • he would feel bad for ruining the surprise but he was also too happy that you weren’t leaving to care but so much
  • he smiled more than you ever had seen him smile around the other members though
  • and you totally bought two cakes so he could have an entire ice cream cake to himself
  • he got his other present after everyone left ;)

I’m not good at writing for V so i just skipped him, im sorry! 


Selling Kittensplaypen sets!

I have come to the conclusion that i only ever wear my cream and brown/rust kitten sets so the rest have to go! and Super cheaply at that :D 

PM for payment details and postage costs (paypal required for both our safety). 

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“If you follow me, then unfollow a few days later without ever contacting me, it’s painfully obvious that you didn’t really care about writing with me. How do I know? Because there’s a simple “let me know you’ve seen my rules” on my rules page that you obviously didn’t see. I don’t care if you “don’t have the time” because you “follow a lot of people”. Would you adopt 50 kittens and neglect to feed 49 of them? Don’t follow 300 blogs if you can’t even glance at each one. It makes a BAD impression.”

GOM & Kagami + finding an extremely adorable kitten on their doorstep

nana chan : OH MY GOD I WANT ONE  (or ten ) !!!!!


kuroko : hey there! you’re so adorable!

kuroko :*pets the kitten*

kuroko: …

kuroko: I wonder if  you and Nigou would be good friends ..


kagami :”awww .. look at you~”

kitten : *meows*

kagami : LET ME LOVE YOU




aomine :*stares at kitten*

kitten : *stares at aomine with innocent eyes*

aomine : I prefer dogs …

kitten : *still staring*

aomine : …..

kitten : ….



midorima: cute … I guess …..

kitten : *meow*

kitten : *stares*

midorima : don’t give me that look …

kitten: *stares*


kitten :*stares* 

midorima : I can’t keep you, don’t make me feel guilty !

kitten: *meow~*

kitten : *rubs head on his feet*

midorima : *internally* awwwww~



murasakibara : such a cutie! *pets the kitten with his giant hands*

kitten : *tiny meow*

kitten *rubs its head on his hands*

murasakibara : muro-chin~ can we keep it !?


akashi : hey there! *pets the kitten*

kitten : *cute tiny meow*

akashi : ….

akashi : come in

i’m kind of amazed
kitten still hadn’t pooped since the enema and i was thinking to call the vet in the morning
but now i did nighttime feeding (it’s 4:00 now, started 3:00, finished 3:50) and!!!
kitten was much more calm (in a non-lethargic way, just alert and content), stopped just fighting and running around (well, running as much as he can) - he still did a bit, but most of the time he sat on my lap, curled next to me and purred happily
and then!!!! when i started giving him his formula with the syringe - 
he latched on!!! and nursed off it!!!!!!!!!
i didn’t have to force it into his mouth!!!
i even tried the bottle that he rejected before, and he nursed off it for a bit!!!! and then stopped again bc he’s got a personal thing against that bottle for some godforsaken reason
but he kept nursing off the syringe!!!!!!!!!!!
and he just seemed generally much more happy and less agonized and actually seemed really happy and willing to eat
and i’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

when we went to the bathroom to pee/poop he still couldn’t poop, but he tried really hard and his anus was really bulging - so i’m still really really hoping he might surprise me and manage to poop by himself before i have to call the vet
(because i’m scared his anus muscles are too weak and he just physically can’t poop - it might still be true, but he might be able to force his way through it?????? idk)

i’m thinking it’s probably a combination of the (pretty aggressive) paraffin oil treatment, and the fact i’ve started slowly increasing the amount of formula i’m giving him per feeding (bc i stopped weighing him and decided to measure the amount of formula i’m giving him based on his age only - i was kind of underfeeding him before bc he weighs so little for his age)

so i was a bit pessimistic before but after this feeding i’m feeling a whole new surge of optimism and that’s nice!!!!!!!!!!!

one last important note - he started teething and apparently chewing on my lips is ALL the rage right now


Gearworth: Fixwell you seem like a ghost.

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What would the kittens of a Red Abyssinian male with a brown Tabby-and-White female? Both have green eyes.

Probably something like this: 

Brown heterozygous ticked tabby toms with or without white
Red-and-black heterozygous ticked tabby tortoiseshell she-cats with or without white

The above in diluted form of course: 

Blue heterozygous ticked tabby toms with or without white
Cream-and-blue heterozygous ticked tabby tortoiseshell she-cats with or without white

I wouldn’t bet on any solid kids since Abyssinians don’t really include that in their breeding programs, but if you want him to be an exception, then you can also have this: 

Solid black toms with or without white
Solid blue toms with or without white
Solid red-black tortoiseshell she-cats with or without white
Solid cream-blue tortoiseshell she-cats with or without white

The chance for white spotting would be 50% per kitten so no need to flush them all with white, so to speak. xD Hope that helped :)