50s dance

Goodbye. Dean Winchester.

Requested: No

Pairing: Dean Winchester X Reader

Characters: Dean, mentions of Sam, Cas, Chuck, Garth, Crowley, and Bobby

Warnings: Not the best, kinda sad I suppose, mild language. 


#50 Dance with me

#75 Please dont leave me

#140 I’m not leaving you, ever

#160 i’m in love with you

#192 Just hold on, you’ll be okay

Overview: After Y/Ns death, Dean gets the letter she wrote him months prior.

Dear Dean,

     If your reading this, It means I’m dead and Cas has finally managed to give this to you. He’s amazing at keeping secrets, like that I knew we wouldn’t last, not forever, cuz being a hunter sucks. Eventually we both knew that something would come up and you’d remember your promise.

Leave me dead,

Dont go selling your soul, dont be an idiot Dean. You were the best thing in my life, and I wont have you ruin that. I knew you would be the best thing the day we met. Do you remember how we met?

The Vampires in Vermont. Thats the name Chuck used for his book eh?

Bobby had sent me, must have remembered my burning desire to see those sons of bitches on fire, but instead of Vamps, I found you and your brother strung up from the ceiling like meat. Honestly, I thought you were dead, but then you managed to lift your head up and mutter, “Dance with me?”

A charmer all the way.

I’ve probably told that story a thousand times. Never gets old. And hey, gives me a chance to seem like a hero.

But I guess, we don’t need heroes. Thats what gets us killed. Probably what killed me. I probably did something dumb and tried to save you or your brother, even Garth really, cute guy. And knowing you, you’d go one of two ways, you’d either act like it wasn’t a big thing, cradling me in those arms, those sexy fucking arms and saying, “Just hold on, you’ll be okay.” While we both know that’s not true, probably both covered in blood, I’m trying to tell you one last thing but due to the fact that our lives are filled with dramatic bullshit, I’ll never finish my sentence and you’ll be left wondering what it is.

Maybe you’ll go the other route?

Killing everything before crouching by my body and muttering “Please dont leave me” when you think no one can hear you. But they can, Sam at least, probably whoever is on the hunt with us, Cas, Crowley, maybe even Bobby, but they wont say anything. They’ll let you mourn, cry and refuse to talk about me for a long time. It’ll really suck for Bobby, him practically adopting me and all. Sam, man Sam will bury himself in work. Probably work himself to death and that would suck more. Cas, well Cas and I, we have an agreement. He’s supposed to keep you guys alive when I go.

But you darling, you’ll shut down.

This is me asking you not to.

Don’t let me keep you from saving the world. You see heres the thing, I’m not leaving you, ever. Not really. I’ll always be in your heart. Your memories. The pictures taped to the wall, and after 2 years, thats a shit ton of pics, babe. Just cuz my body’s gone doesn’t mean I am, because lets be real, I was always way more than a body. Keep moving Darling. I’m not asking you to move on, though Cas is available just saying, I’m just asking you to keep living. Keep Baby running, keep your brother alive, tell my Dad, tell him, I was a hero, an idiotic hero, someone worth remembering, but mostly, tel my story. Even if you cant tell ours, tell mine. Tell hunters of the girl who thought she could save everyone, and paid for it with her life. Tell them about the vampires that killed my mom. Tell them how I loved baking but sucked, or how I could read the entire Harry Potter series in 18 hours and have done it on multiple occasions. Tell strangers in bars about the girl who could shoot the wings off a fly at 300 yards while drunk but couldn’t hit the bulls eye of a dart board 5 feet away while sober. Tell your future daughters about the woman who fended off three armed men without dropping her beer. Tell them about a woman who wasn’t afraid, and how that got her killed, but most importantly. Tell yourself, that no matter where life takes you, I’m in love with you. Death can’t stop true love, only delay it for a little while.

I love you Dean Winchester, and don’t you fucking forget it, because if you do, I’ll be the next spirit you gonna fill with rock salt.

Love and all that bullshit,


Dean let out a laugh, wiping a tear away. “ Fucking-” He sighed looking at the gravestone in front of him. “You always know what to say.”

If debuting at #2 on the UK charts, hitting #1 on Itunes in 42 countries, hitting #2 on Itunes WORLDWIDE, debuting at #1 on Billboard’s dance/EDM charts, and hitting #1 in 50 countries on Itunes Dance IS NOT enough to get you A-listed in the top UK radio stations, then what will?

This is the question most of us are asking about “Just Hold On.” Because these are real numbers. These are facts.

The bigger issue is that “Just Hold On” was a proven success when it was released. But it still had no radio support until weeks later in January. It still didn’t get the promotional support it deserved despite being a PROVEN entity.

Think about it - how many artists on Sony’s and JGG’s roster can even bring in that kind of success when a song drops? and take note, Just Hold On and Louis/Steve got zero promotion and zero hype BEFORE JHO dropped and YET they still managed to get those numbers in! No one even KNEW It was coming!

Do you know that when JHO dropped,  Louis Tomlinson’s Spotify profile grew SO QUICKLY? It was ranked 40th in the world and had over 15 million monthly listeners? Imagine that! All because of one song! This is Louis Tomlinson solo! He managed to outrank so many established solo artists.

Yet he still didn’t get the promotional support his song and him, as an artist, deserved. 

And this was AFTER he brought the numbers in. His team had weeks before the January promo to really get a good plan together and YET….  

Look, If you don’t get your own label and management’s support after ALL THAT success, then something is really wrong, isn’t it? Really makes you wonder what Louis has to prove at this point, and what he’s really up against. 

Why did his team continue shitting on him and generating bad press even after he was a proven success???