50s bra

My friend, @pixel-bird and I went to see NSP and TWRP live at the Hard Rock and it was so much fun! Both bands are so talented and funny! Nate Wants to Battle opened, followed by a killer performance by TWRP. We had one crowd surfer and NSP even preformed a secret, unreleased song (it’s honestly my new fave NSP song and I can’t wait for the release). Arin also made an appearance and performed Star Bomb songs with the bands. It was so cool too because Arin’s parents and Lord Phobo’s parents were in the audience. It also happened to be Dr. Sung’s birthday and TWRP got us all to sing happy birthday to him while he ate a cupcake.

The best part of the night was when people started flinging their bras on stage. We started with just a few and Danny announced their previous record was the Chicago show with 11 bras thrown on stage. So of course, this is Florida, so toward the end of the show, waves of bras start coming from every corner of the crowd. It was like watching salmon jumping gracefully up stream. Truly remarkable and all around hilarious. The crowd was chanting “69” and before you know it, 69+ bras made their way to the stage. We shattered the Chicago record. Just goes to show that you can’t out-crazy Florida. All in all, they put on such a great show and I can’t wait for them to return to Florida! Danny was so appreciative and inspiring. It’s obvious how much he cares for us and he has so much fun doing what he does. I couldn’t have asked for a better show🎤🎸🎹🎶📸

Since tumblr doesn’t allow more than one video upload a day, here’s the links to 2 other vids leading up to the achievement of 69 bras posted to my twitter:

Part 1 (50 Bra Milestone)

Part 2 (60 Bra Milestone)