50s bikinis

Unbelievably attractive, men and women almost gave themselves whiplash when she walked by like a goddess from another planet”   James C. Allen about Jayne Mansfield

If the TF2 mercs had Tumblr
  • Scout: Doesn't tag anything, blog is 50% bikini women, fast expensive cars and baseball, 50% shirtless instagram selfies
  • Soldier: Anything related to war of any era, pictures of soupcans, detailed text posts chronicling his (fake) war stories, angry responds to anon asks that claim he's not a real soldier
  • Pyro: Only replies with text emoticons, blog fontsize is set to 8 and constantly reblogs pastel punk/saturated color images and animal videos. Maintains three "Ask [fancharacter]" sideblogs
  • Demoman: Scottish scenery and personal tips and tricks on bombs, intertwined with drunken shitposting
  • Heavy: English/Russian blog full of anything Russian, constantly hits post limit via dozens of pictures of Sasha
  • Engineer: Everything and anything mechanical, calls out misinformed posts, carefully arranged WIPs and finished inventions, has a custom URL
  • Medic: Reblogs posts with incorrect medical advice, uploads pictures of medical procedures (in real time, on the field) and Archimedes, never stops reblogging pictures and videos of birds
  • Sniper: Default theme and icon, has never made a post
  • Spy: None, frequently hacks Scout's