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☆ Aron hope NU'ESTs big dream can come true this time, to win at MusicShow the first time, he know this might not going to happen, but he have still hope they can win this time. He said guys plz vote for us guys, do all that stuff, he believe they can make it.

FAN: What ppl can aspect for the new Comeback?
A littel upgrated NUEST like our vocals, bodys etc. are better but Aron cant reveal the concept for their new album, all he can tell us they will become abit more mature. ☆ FAN: Are you guys get enogh sleep? plz takecare!
The members are very tired, but they do this for us, everynight working hard, to show us a great comeback! Aron hope this hardwork can get out all well.

Aron said he is glad ppl like the teasers so much :D

Aron’s doodel he draw for nu'papa, was no comebackhint he just made it because he was bored.

A fan to him you need to go to the dentist. Aron think his teeths are pretty clean and straight!

★ How many fans do you think are manly out of 50fans?
Aron think out of 50ppl he think he has maby 3fanboys

Aron said Baekho has lot fanboys because he is so manly

★ What is a thing you thought you never would be?
A thing Aron never thought he would be is, to being an Idol, but he is blessed he is now. :D

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