So this is the end of my 50 pictures of My favorite driver, Giedo Van Der Garde.He’s had highs and lows this season, a low being his missing wheel at Catalunya, even though he showed great control and courage to get the car back to the pits, it simply wasn’t to the stewards liking. a high being his Q2 and P15 qualification in Monaco, showing he has the skill to drive when a track is more technically than speed orientated. His 14th place at the Hungaroring is another high point, and the team behind him seem to be getting better and better every race. I really hope they can carry on their good run and not end up like the first few races, where Marussia were well and truly in front. No ill will to Marussia of course, But I’m Team green and always have been :P Mon I'Ham!

50 Pictures of Giedo Van Der Garde [49,50/50]