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its 1:50p.m. and im thinking about a girl who broke my heart that im still completely enamored with. i cant shake her, i cant shake this feeling. its been three months and i still think about her everyday. i cant get her out of my fucking head. im trying to stop thinking but i cant. i legitimately look for her in everyone and i hate it. its fucking me up

I’m so sorry to hear this, I promise you it will be over soon. Stay strong, remember that it happened for a reason. don’t let it get to you, she obviously wasn’t the one otherwise she wouldn’t of broken your heart. Yes you’re hurting but now you’ve realised your mistake & you have to learn from this now no matter how much it kills you. don’t overthink. overthinking literally destroys you.think positive, think about the amazing things in life. And appreciate what you have, be happyyyyyyy. Now I want you to focus on yourself ✨✨