250 Films: 50/50 New Films: All Things To All Men/The Deadly Game (2013)

250 Films: 50/50 New Films: All Things To All Men/The Deadly Game (2013)

Thought process: Oooh, what’s the fiftieth film going to be? Oh, I wish there was a new Toby film I could watch. New to me, that is. Hm, maybe I’ll go look at the Quickflix streaming stuff, see if there’s some obscure one I hadn’t noticed before in his listing. Oh! Omigosh, they put it up!

So in Australia this one is called The Deadly Game as opposed to All Things To All Men. And dear god, I would like to find that casting director/actual director and shake them warmly by the hand. Talk about a beautiful cast! Or at least a cast of several ridiculously goodlooking men and one stunningly goodlooking woman. Honestly, every scene was this surfeit of eye candy.

Cos not just Rufus Sewell and Gabriel Byrne and Toby Stephens which I knew about and isn’t that a triple threat to the ovaries and the senses, but bonus Julian Sands and James Frain! James Frain who I used to like and then he totally vanished off my radar and oh yum, has he aged beautifully. Also, Leo Gregory who was quite new to me and very very pleasing to the eye.

Mind you, they filmed Toby so well I had this recurring thought every time he appeared: “God, I want to lick your face.”

A very terse script, made up almost entirely of short simple sentences. A lot of sitting around in cars and on park benches, not looking at each other in silence, meaningful eye contact, and then the terse sentence uttered. A lot of wonderfully filmed London locations which were making me rather homesick wistful. I really loved the use of colour, how everything was in this strange cool palette of icy blues and greeny blues.

And it was a most satisfying ending indeed, especially with that deliciously ambiguous note. Decent fare for a late night movie.

250 Films: 6/50 New Films: The Boat That Rocked (2009)

250 Films: 6/50 New Films: The Boat That Rocked (2009)

To all our listeners, this is what I have to say - God bless you all. And as for you bastards in charge, don’t dream it’s over. Years will come, years will go, and politicians will do fuck all to make the world a better place. But all over the world, young men and young women will always dream dreams and put those dreams into song. Nothing important dies tonight, just a few ugly guys on a crappy ship. The only sadness tonight is that, in future years, there’ll be so many fantastic songs that it will not be our privilege to play. But, believe you me, they will still be written, they will still be sung and they will be the wonder of the world.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a movie about music and the people who love music. Except possibly a Richard Curtis movie about music and the people who love music.

I adored this so much, every single bit of it from the very first sound to the (almost) very last credit.

I pretty much had a smile on my face the whole way through it. Okay, it may have faltered at some points early on and totally disappeared at the utterly distressing darkest point before the awesome end. But oh man, how I enjoyed this. But then I do love Richard Curtis films and television, whether it’s the unabashed tenderness and sentiment of the films or the skewering satire and comedy of the television. God love that man, I hope he’s been knighted or very soon will be, Kiwi-born or not.

And the music in this! So awesome! Gotta get the soundtrack. Not to mention the infinitely detailed sets and costumes, the rather clever use of handheld to remind you we’re on a ship, that totally flawless brilliant ensemble cast. And was this possibly the first time Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson were in a film together since they broke up? Even if they didn’t share actual screentime, the fact that we cut from a scene with Em straight to a scene with Ken made the shipper in me squeal and fall over on the bed. God, I adore those two so much.

Never mind that this shot:

… pretty much combusted my ovaries. I had to totally replay the scene cos my brain was so much with the omgomgomgOMG! that I didn’t hear a word they said. You could tell Kenneth Branagh was having such fun playing this role. The way he screamed “Jugular, my arse!” with the upward screech collapsed me.

All those wonderful types you see on every music scene, they were all so recognisable to me. Except possibly Katherine Parkinson’s character … I wasn’t quite sure about her presence and she seemed quite underused but then, as an IT Crowd fan, I would feel that.

I did find the film oddly long but because I was loving being in that world and with those people, I kinda relished that.

And Emma’s coat!

SO fabulous, darling!

And Bill Nighy in this moment:

Oh Bill Nighy, how are you always wonderful, you strange lovely huggable man?

And that speech I quoted up there, that speech the Count gave … oh yes. Every single fucking word vocalising the passion of every music fan. And definitely this one.

250 Films: 46/50 New Films: The World's End (2013)

250 Films: 46/50 New Films: The World’s End (2013)

Oh fuck off, you big lamp.

That was the best most hilarious showdown ever. I mean, I wasn’t particularly enjoying the film all that much to the point. And then I was pretty much crying with laughter. Best showdown ever and I can’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen.

Also, I think the epilogue was rather lovely even if the very last bit has confused me somewhat.

I think I have a slight crush on Nick Frost. It’s a bit unexpected.