Thought Bubble 2017 Commission list OPEN!

Hey guys it’s that  time of the year again!

With Thought Bubble set for September 23rd-24th this year i’m opening list as of the July 1st and will close on the 10th September.

As like last year:

I’ll only be accepting commissions that can be picked up at show only.

10x15 (comic backing board) as exampled above = £30/£35 plus metallic colour

A4 B&W watercolour as exampled above = £40/£45 plus metallic colour

A4  Colour watercolour as exampled above = £50

NEW this year!

A3 Charcoal beastie commission = £80

A3 B&W watercolour = £90/£100 plus metallic colour

I am open to doing pretty much anything, photo references are welcome!

payment will be accepted via Paypal.

Email me with the subject title Thought Bubble Commission at :abi_120@live.co.uk for details and to be added to the list!

Spaces are limited!!!

but please spread the word!

@seungchuchuweek​ Day 2 - Culture and Traditions

Prompt: Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

“Hey guys! So today I’m joined by someone who’s very special to me. He’s not on this channel often, but today I’ve managed him to persuade him to help me to my makeup. I don’t wear it that often and even when I do I don’t wear much, but I thought it would be fun to do the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge, so without any further ado, here’s Seung-gil!”

[full transcript of all the texts etc. under the cut]

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