so i’m sitting at a restaurant with my grandma and my friend smokey, and this racist shitlord from one table over starts making a scene. he points at my friend (who’s black btw) and starts asking when they started letting dirty pigs eat here, so on and so forth. the guy’s like…. really obnoxious about it, even calls a waiter over and ignores what the waiter says just to throw his tantrum

smokey’s uncomfortable and at this point i’m pretty pissed. literally everyone knows this guy’s in the wrong, and even my grandma called him out, but he’s so far up his bigoted ass that he won’t cut it out. while i’d usually ignore people like that, he wouldn’t let up, and even threw a drinking glass at smokey

now i know it’s not appropriate but i’ve got a short temper and i hate people being dicks to my friends, so i start a bit of a fight. and really, this guy’s a piece of cake. i’m running circles around him in the literal and metaphorical sense, and could probably pummel him into the dirt even without a weapon, but since my granny’s here i didn’t want to get ahead of myself. i just played with him a bit, did some clever maneuvering, and then had him wreck his hand on the hat rack behind me, and that ugly racist starts screaming before running off with his tail between his legs

and then the whole restaurant clapped

say it with me kids: hypersexuality is not a sexual orientation. hypersexuality is a mental illness that consists of need for sex to feel self worth or as a form of self destructive behavior.

EDIT (4/24/17): i have been informed that sex addiction can be a large part of hypersexuality, and i didnt mean the post to sound dismissive of addicts!

i’m not against any type of veg*nism. as a matter of fact, i think that those who can do it are good for doing so as long as they are well read and can maintain their health. i do, however, have a huge problem with how exclusionist the veg*n movement is, and the fact that its main tactics involve either shocking people, mass use of misinformation, or saying “you have no say in animal welfare because you support animal cruelty.” that alone ostracises people, but it also forces people to admit this or that about themselves to not seem horrible when pressed to answer why they aren’t veg*n (“why aren’t you veg*n? why do you support animal cruelty?” “because i cannot afford or manage it in my current situation/my medication doesn’t let me take on the title/i’m AVAP but don’t consider myself worth the label”)

the veg*n movement steeps in the idea that it is something much more than just a personal diet preference, but that’s wrong. there are too few people (because of the strong exclusionism rampant in all veg*n walks of life) to make an impact and, ultimately, even if 30% of the western world abstained from all animal products, little about the industry will change because demand would still be high enough for it to go on. this is why i will always encourage selective omnivory. just like teaching safe sex is more effective than teaching abstinence, thoughtful purchasing of ethically-sourced animal products is something exponentially more people are willing (and able!) to do.

if you really want to make a change, make it so that more people can join your efforts.

1d as things the kids at the daycare where i work have done:
  • harry: randomly comes up to me throughout the day just to say i love you
  • liam: cried because he didn’t get to hug his friend goodbye even though he’ll see him tomorrow
  • niall: wanted to put his velcro sneakers on all by himself but i helped him because he was doing it all wrong so he sobbed his eyes out
  • louis: was told not to the touch the sprinkler and promptly went and touched the sprinkler