Why Every Stroke is Actually the Worst

Written by a swimmer

Butterfly: Honestly I shouldn’t even need to explain this but…it’s exhausting, your arms feel like noodles after 50m, you’re constantly hitting the lane line and/or other teammates with your arms, and if you want to take more breaths you have to take more strokes.

Backstroke: First of all, you always get water up your nose. How, you ask? This is the stroke where your face isn’t even underwater, so that’s impossible! Wrong! All the water splashing around you ends up in your face and it’s terrible. Also you can’t see in front of you so it’s easy to plow right into the lane line/the pool side/your teammates.

Breaststroke: Even though you’re swimming at a normal pace it feels like you’re going soooo slow. If you’re out of practice the motions also feel really unnatural sometimes. And circular leg strokes = kicking your teammates.

Freestyle: Pressure to be fast because it’s the easiest stroke. Plus, you get to breathe the least of all four because you can’t (well you can but you’re not supposed to because it’s slow) breathe each stroke.

Now that the year is over…I’ve been reflecting on the journey that was 2016.

I ran 12 marathons and 8 ultra marathons (2 hundreds, 1 50m, 1 6 hour (35 miles) and 5 50ks). Plus 3 ultra marathon training runs (two 30s and a 34) but those were just for fun.

20 marathons or longer. Three PRs. (I guess four? The first 100 and the 9 hour improvement on the second. And my marathon and 50k times.)

It’s been an amazing year for my running as I push my limits and redefine my possible. I’m not sure I’ll keep the same pace for 2017. I hope to PR my 100 in Dayton next year. That’s really my focus. I’ll do salton sea and some marathons before then.

I’m not sure what comes next. But I’m excited.

If you see a question that doesn’t logically make sense, don’t answer it! Nobody needs to know the amount of force that Timmy will hit the ground with if he jumps out of a helicopter that’s 500m in the air and and he’s falling at 50m/s/s and air resistance is negligible. I wouldn’t answer it so neither should you.
—  Physics professor

They did everything they could to make it impossible to see the filming here. They build the busstop at Byng Placeand first filmed with a drone (getting some food at the fish and chips and then chatting and discussing a letter with the LiR) and then it was the same scene in different close-ups. We were maybe a 50m away behind a barricade.

The guy with the rainbow flag just passed by. I thought it was funny ;) He had nothing to do with the filming.

You can click here for my setlock pics.

I feel like this is an appropriate picture. I’m going through some shit right now but I’m really coming out of it.

I’m also realizing that I will be okay. I mean people say that, right? It will be okay. You’ll be okay. Yeah, but once you really feel it, when you really know you’ll be okay, you can look forward. I reached that point this weekend.

So I signed up for the 50m yesterday because I was hoping it would help me or at least make my brain shut up. After crying the first loop; it did.

By the way, sunrise dark, plus roots, plus teary eyes makes not falling even harder.

So in the interest of not being vague, Brian and I have decided to separate and we’re seeing a therapist. We have already had some really productive and healthy dialogue so we’re optimistic. It is difficult right now but I finally realized I will be okay.

2017 Jan BAILA Interview – Sakurai Sho [English translation]

– About sense of nervousness.

“My nervous episode recently? Sorry but I didn’t remember any…… (giggle). Live broadcast is something which you can’t expect, rather than feeling nervous, I feel that adrenaline comes out, and I feel sense of spark, there is no sense of nervousness.

If I really have to talk about nervousness, it would be the opening of the concert at Kokuritsu Stadium in 2009. The performance was moving and flying 50m above ground using wire, at that moment I felt that my pulse was pounding. If my pulse was measured at the moment, it must have been higher than anyone else. It has nothing to do with my acrophobia, anyone going that high would feel the same. Other members just flew like nothing happened, that sounded like more abnormal (giggle)”

– Thing that made me throb and witness fans’ feeling.

“Three years ago, I and members went to the joint live of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z Yankee Stadium, New York. I was in high tension from that morning, even I hadn’t entered the venue I had already felt very much excited. At that time I thought that perhaps audience who come to ARASHI concert would feel the same too. My mind blew away in the appearance and music of my two favourite musicians on stage, I carved in my heart to remember this feeling”

– About “Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem”

“There are many occasions that people say to a person with disability ‘You are positive’, after I played this role this time, I had another thought. People with handicap do not live positively. Even facing the difficult situations they can’t just be frustrated, they have no way but to overcome the difficulties. I feel like I cannot say that is ‘positive’.”

“The first thing I did for this performance was to make my arm masculine. And I re-read the manga ‘Real’. The training was to enhance the programme for arm and torso in my usual training manual. When I met wheelchair basketball players it was very clear that their muscles of shoulders and arms are very strong, surprisingly strong. Though my arms are masculine originally, they looked slim [compared with those of wheelchair basketball players], so I trained to a great deal targeting my torso”

“When I actually saw the life with wheelchair, I sensed that my arm muscles were not strong enough, though it’s for sure, even I practiced basketball again and again, I couldn’t catch up the satisfying level…… On the other hand, I don’t want to have even a little regret, there is no other way but to fully perform what I can do.”

“On the day filming the match, there were 1,500 extras in the venue, there was filming of cutting the pass, and the happy face when a goal was made, such refined filming went on, I said to Ichihara Hayato-kun and Ando Masanobu-san “I want to play the match”, actually I was bit impatient (giggle). After all it was just filming of match scene, we could not proceed the play [after filming the scene]… The filming started from morning to night, there was 40 minutes rest, and I proposed to the director that I wanted to play a match even for 5 minutes. Extremely speaking, though we were not practicing for the match, but we have practiced, and wanted to play a match in front of the audience. In the real match, during the moment of collision the impact was strong, there was full of enthusiasm. It was different from concert, I could feel the bond that was only in the team of sports players, and taste the moment of connection with the co-actors of TV drama and above all teammates. This is a performance depicting the power of wheelchair basketball and strength, I would be happy if the audience will spot on this”

– About challenging the limit in life

“In University Year 3 I filmed ‘Kisarazu Cat’s Eye’, in Year 4 I had my first-time leading role in ‘Yoiko no Mikata’, the filming of the TV drama overlapped with university examinations, I had really tough memory about that…… Everyday I had revision for examination, and memorised the drama scripts, and challenged the filming. I had an awareness that I had challenged my limit, now no matter how heavy the work is I no longer get scared. Perhaps, though there are moments that I am even busier than that period of time, since I had got through a very tough base, I don’t feel difficult anymore. However, if I had to do what I had been done in that period of time, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it again (giggle). Among members we often talk about the moments shortly after ARASHI’s CD debut, but we all say that we already don’t want to recall that hard and busy time. If putting serious statistics, nowadays is absolutely busier. But, at that time we didn’t have such experience so we got flustered by the sudden workload. But because of that experience there is nowadays’ ARASHI. I think overcoming the difficulties connects us with the real fortune”

– About 22 October, 21st anniversary of entering Johnny’s.

“I didn’t receive greeting from anyone, though I also had nothing [about this] to talk to anyone, indeed it is a special day. The day I entered Johnny’s was the day I went to Johnny’s Jr.’s audition day, day ago my parents were angry about this, but on that day they sent me to the venue, I still remembered that clearly. The kids who had the audition together had their families with them, only I was alone and I went home alone after the audition…… (giggle). 21-year period of time indeed packs a punch, I think I managed to continue thus far. Though at that time I couldn’t imagine that there is such a life waiting for me”

Querido Ex

Vi que você se envolveu com alguém de olhos claros e me desculpe pelos meus olhos castanhos escuros. Você conheceu uma pessoa mais alta do que eu e me desculpe pelos meus 1,50m. Você namorou uma pessoa forte e me desculpe por não ter tanto porte assim e ser fraca ao ponto de chorar ao te ver bem sem mim. Começou a namorar uma quarta pessoa, ou talvez uma quinta. Escreveu uma frase de uma música – que deveria ser nossa e não foi – como legenda nas fotos. Terminou o namoro. A tua vida era sempre a mesma. O mesmo ciclo. O mesmo final para todas as pessoas que se envolvessem contigo. Achei que me ausentar e me afastar do amor e negar as oportunidades que ele me dava era uma boa opção para não me magoar de novo. Foi uma péssima opção.

Só quero te dizer que não precisa me ligar outra vez, nem tentar se explicar. Eu já encontrei todas as explicações para o que você fez, já entendi que a culpa não foi minha e que me ausentar para o amor é um erro. Te disseram que eu estou bem, você me viu com outro alguém, então me ligou a pedir para me ver, disse que queria conversar, pediu permissão para se explicar, mandou mensagem a pedir para tentar outra vez, disse que se arrependeu de tudo o que fez e que andava sentindo a minha falta. Mas é que agora, agora, eu me sinto amada, de verdade, me sinto feliz. Me disseram que um dia eu ia rir de tudo isto, e não é que eu estou a rir agora?

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All the main bits from my survival kit minus all the other random things I’ve collected for it. At some point, I’ll publish the full kit but I love these pieces - especially the ROAMPROOF charger and the VSSL first aid kit.

The Kingsglaive - Headquarters (Spoilers?)

Because @thebulletsofmusicblues and I are suckers for the movie, I decided to try and estimate the size of what I assume to be the headquarters of the Kingsglaive. (Yes, totally unnecessary but I love thinking about such things.) As usual, more under Read More.

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anonymous asked:

il m'a fallu 6 mois mais j'ai enfin pigé le truc du "regarder les lignes de directions ex: oreille par rapport au pied" pour placer le corps dans l'espace. Dsl mais fallait que l'annonce à tout le monde xD. (j'ai l'impression qu'on sous-estime cette étape alors qu'elle est assez importante pour comprendre l'anatomie).

Bonsoir anon!

Et bien levons tous nos verres à cette étape importante dans ta vie d’artiste! Toi au moins, tu auras compris le principe, contrairement au graphiste en charge du poster promo de la Saison 9 de Supernatural.

Mark Sheppard fait 1.74m, il est au même niveau que l’église et est aussi grand qu’elle. Deux solutions: Mark Sheppard fait en réalité 3m de haut (ce qui mettrait Jared à environ 4.50m, félicitations!) ou alors, nous sommes en présence de la plus petite église du monde, (encore plus petite que celle de Point Pleasant en Louisiane), avec un plafond de 1.75m de hauteur. Une bizarrerie architecturale qui, je suis sure, vaut le coup d’être visitée!

Bref, comme l’a dit l’anon, le placement du corps dans l’espace est effectivement une étape importante dans la vie d’un artiste! ^^

Bonne soirée à toi et may the (art) force be with you.