Spotted in a JR station- a new poster promoting travel to the Tohoku region of Japan with a young woman and her chrome Leica M4 with a 50mm f2 rigid Summicron lens. 

JR-East stations in Tokyo devote lots of ad real-estate to promote tourism through their train lines. The photography is always excellent and a very different take on what I see in airports in the west- rather than luxury or majesty the photographs are far more subdued and suggest the joys of the mental escape personal travels can offer. The palettes in which advertisements in Japan are often shown are more subtle, washed-out, and calm. There’s probably a grad school paper on this somewhere. 

You can see the full set of JR posters with model Ayano Kimura on their site here.   Ms. Kimura is the same young woman in a charming JR East TV spot with a chrome M4 (and 90mm lens) that you may remember from a post on Tokyo Camera Style from last December. 

Flea Market, Yasukuni Shrine

Leica M4 with 5cm f2 Summar lens

The flea market at Yasukuni on Sundays is a menagerie of all sorts of Japanese antiques. A gentleman approached me and pointed at the camera over my shoulder- “That’s a nice camera-  let me show you my Leica. ”  From his bag he pulled out this beautifully well worn black paint M4 with a pre-war 5cm f2 Summar lens.  He told me he bought it in Prague about ten years ago.

It was kind enough of him to share his camera so his telling me he’s seen the Tokyo Camera Style feature in Nippon Camera was a nice bonus.   

Nishi Nippori

Leica M3 with 50mm f2 Summicron DR lens

Photographer: Sakie Miura / portfolio site / instagram / tumblr

This was the second time I ran into Ms. Miura out in Tokyo- like always she had her M3 out and over her shoulder.   

Chances are you’ve seen her work floating on Tumblr already-  as far as I know, she exclusively shoots film.