50mm canon prime lens


kjdshdskj HI my sister and i tried to snap some shots in NYC last weekend :D (we were showing our grandma around too) – also if you were following my IG stories the past few weeks you’ll know i cut my hair again that’s why it’s weird on all sides hhhhehe

also im reviving my personal IG~ (since so many people tell me it would be nice if i posted my stuff instead of dumping them in my IG stories where it expires) idk

ALSO thank you for all the messages i will try to reply soon!! so sorry because im forever a slow late reply turtle


Jellyfishs by Patrick Dunse

I am Priya, a 22 year young girl from India. I started taking pictures with my sister’s point and shoot camera in high school. Since then, I’ve had a wonderful experience exploring different places and getting to know some amazing people. I am passionate about traveling and learning about the world. 

Currently, I use a Canon 550D with 18-55mm or 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens and sometimes, an iPhone to make photographs. I have only recently gotten involved in creating portraits.

My tumblr, instagram and flickr

Landscapes, oceanscapes, cityscapes all kinds of scapes is what i love! I first started to fall in love with photography with an old Canon SLR when auto focus wasn’t a thing and a canon kit lens was a 50mm prime. Like most photographers, i’m a light hunter, If you check out my Tumblr (jeneawhat) you’ll find i can’t stay away from sunsets, silhouettes, and sunrises.

So follow me, i’ll follow you back and more love for the photographers on Tumblr :)