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Some cleaning up. Again.

While installing the Innovative Air/fuel monitoring system in the passenger seat dashboard wireing I found more horrible Japanese wiring. Those who have read the entire blog probably knows this drives me absolutely crazy. Feels like i have thrown out 50meters of unnecessary wireing from this car the last year.
Here are some of the horrid stuff:

After more time than i like to admit, the entire passenger side dashboard wireing is taken apart and put together again, looking a bit more to my liking:

 This prossess also gave me my glove compartment light back, that has not been functional before. 

why are golf commentators so extra talmbout ‘crag he is 50meteres away from the hole he may or not make this shot, but who know he has a 34d putter in his hand and the wind i coming form a nw direction at a 45 degree angle to the course and he is right upon the green about to take said shot’  and saying all this in a hushed whisper

like golf is literally the most boring sport in the world stop tryna make it hype

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