You know what else people don’t talk about enough? (A Kaiju question)

How big Arch (Ultraman) Belial is.

Here is Arch Belial HOLDING Ultraman Zero. In his hand. Ultraman Zero is full size in this picture. Let’s think about that for a second. The average size of an Ultraman (Zero included) is about 50meters. That’s a pretty universal standard for kaiju, within and across many franchises. The only thing that comes close to this imposing size is probably Giga Berserk from Ultraman Max (seen below)

This is Max fighting Giga Berserk AFTER Max uses his size increase ability (previously displayed in the series’ Baltan episodes), and this roughly triples Max’s size (earlier in this episode, Max is shown being hung up by Berserk almost crucifixion style, sort of a throwback to Ultraman Ace). 

At an rate, this puts Arch Belial at the incredible size of 300meters. This is almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower (short by one measly meter), and taller than almost any other kaiju in any other franchise. This is taller than Godzilla on his BEST DAY (Godzilla’s tallest incarnations include Heisei Godzilla topping out at 100meters, Legendary’s Godzilla at 108.2 meters, and Super Godzilla of the namesake game at 180meters).

The universal standard for Godzilla is usually the Heisei era, so we’ll use that for comparison (seen below).

This is out of the Godzilla Compendium, an official archive source of Godzilla information up to the end of the Heisei era, so it’s as official as it get as far as size sources (this image is cropped such that the pinnacle of the size graph is representative of 150m). Now, lets show what Godzilla looks like compared to Arch Belial.

… I mean there you have it folks. On the left side you see the original picture of the cropped size chart, two-fold, representing 300 meters. And on the far right, you see the equivalent of three Godzillas, 100 meters each. And between them, you see ONE Arch Belial (Zero still in hand). Yes I am measuring Belial up to the crystal spine protruding from his shoulder, but that is how the official measurement is based. At 3 Godzilla’s and 6 Zero’s, Arch Belial is possibly one of the most incredibly powerful, if not the absolute largest kaiju ever.