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No More Drama (Part III of Marc and Cleopatra) (A Richonne Au)

“Why are you kissing Michonne?” Lori said walking toward them. Michonne didn’t have time for this. She was going to be late for class. She was never late for anything.

“I have to go,” she said to no one in particular and started to walk off.

Rick started to follow her. He didn’t want her to go, but Lori grabbed his arm. “I asked a question. You’re kissing Michonne? Is this why we broke up, because of her,” she assumed.

Rick looked perplexed. “You broke up with me last week. I know about you and Shane. I know about it all. I wanted to punch Shane in the face, but honestly I just don’t care,” he stated as he started to walk off.

“But Rick, I…” he stopped walking and looked back at her.

“It’s really nothing you can say to make me feel bad about this. Not after you hook up with my best friend. What could you possibly say to me?” he said not waiting for her response.

He just kept walking.


Michonne pretty much avoided him for the rest of the day, and he thought of her throughout most of it. They way she tasted. The way she looked. How she felt.

It was all so new to him, too. He had been dating Lori for a while. For more than a while. His mind wanted him to feel guilty but he didn’t. He was single and had no regrets about kissing Michonne. He wanted to kiss her all evening yesterday when he took her home. He exceeded that expectation by kissing her twice in one day. He wanted to feel guilty, but he just couldn’t.

He decided he needed to give her a call. The phone rung several times before she answered it, “Hello,” Michonne said.

“Hey, Michonne,” he said smiling. “It’s Rick.”

“Hey, Rick. What’s up?” she said pretending like nothing from that day had happened. Like he just didn’t kiss her twice in the school today and transported her to different universes.

“Nothing much, was seeing if you wanted to come over and watch a movie with me,” he waited patiently as the only thing he heard on the other end was silence. Then she finally spoke.

“Lori probably wouldn’t want us around each other, seeing as how she was so shocked to see us, you know, earlier in the hallway,” Michonne said to him. It was petty, but she was feeling that way right now. She was already enrolled in Drama class, she didn’t literally want her life a high school drama either.

“None of that matters because Lori is dating Shane, whatever she says or thinks it don’t matter,” Rick felt bold; he knew he had to be. “I like you Michonne. It’s just something in the way you move, the way you carry yourself,” he fell quiet and waited. She spoke after a full minute.

“I don’t know, Rick. I’m training tonight. Maybe we can talk in the morning? Can you pick me up for school, maybe?” Rick perked up and nodded his head.

“Yeah. I’ll be there. Just text me when you’re ready. Okay?” he said, already anxious to see her.

“Okay. I’ll see you then, Rick. Goodbye,” she said. Rick told her goodbye and hung up the phone.

Rick sat his phone on the table and turned the tv on. Nothing could catch his attention. All could think about was Michonne and her lips. Her soft, velvety lips.

He couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow.

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Annemarie Verstappen (b. 1965) is a former freestyle swimmer, who represented her native country of The Netherlands at the 1984 Summer Olympics. She won three medals at the games, one silver and two bronze.

She participated in a number of other competitions, for example the 1982 World Aquatics Championships, where she became world champion. A year later, she broke the world record in the 50m freestyle.


13 August: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were present to support Dutch swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo compete in the women’s 50m freestyle event at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Kromowidjojo finished the race sixth, having previously won gold during the event back in London 2012. Their Majesties also watched the Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay Final.

Olympic Crush of the Day: Nathan Adrian

Nathan Adrian may have the best pecs I’ve seen at the Olympics so far. 

Adrian and his teammates Michael Phelps, Ryan Held, and Caeleb Dressel all won gold in the 4x100 relay! 

Nathan is definitely the hottest of his relay teammates. Those pecs are glorious. He’s also half Chinese which adds some diversity to the US swim team. 

Nathan still has the Men’s 50m and 100m freestyle events coming up. 

Hopefully the sexy 27 year old stud will be bringing home more gold from Rio! 


Danish swimmer Pernille Blume wins an Olympic gold medal on the 50m freestyle with a time of 24.07. Blume is the first Danish swimmer in 68 years to win Olympic gold. Less than an hour later, Blume wins an Olympic bronze medal as a part of the 4x100m medley relay alongside Rikke Møller Pedersen, Jeanette Ottesen and Mie Ø. Nielsen. Here the fabulous four also broke the European record with a time of 3:55.01.


Paralympic medalistis:

  • Odair dos Santos (Silver) - Men’s  Athletics 5.000m T11
  • Ricardo Costa (Gold) - Men’s Athletics Long Jump T11
  • Daniel Dias (Gold) - Men’s Swimming 200m Freestyle - S5
  • Ítalo Pereira (Bronze) -Men’s Swimming 100m - S7
  • Daniel Martins (Gold) -  Men’s Athletics 400m T20
  • Lúcia Teixeira (Silver) - Women’s Judo - 57kg
  • Fabio Bordignon (Silver) - Men’s  Athletics 100m T35
  • Verônica Hipólito (Silver) - Women’s Athletics 100m T38
  • Phelipe Rodrigues (Silver) - Men’s Swimming 50m - S10
  • Izabela Campos (Bronze)  - Women’s Discus Throw F11
  • Brazil (Silver) - Mixed Swimming 4 x 50m
  • Claudiney Batista (Gold) - Men’s Discus Throw F56
  • Alana Maldonado (Silver) - Women’s Judo 70kg
  • Rodrigo Parreira (Bronze) - Men’s Athletics 100m T36
  • Daniel Dias (Bronze) - Men’s Swimming Butterfly 50m - S5
  • Antônio Tenório (Silver) - Men’s Judo 100kg
  • Wilians Araújo (Silver) - Men’s Judo over 100kg
  • Matheus Souza (Bronze) - Men’s Swimming 50m Freestyle - S11
  • Shirlene Coelho(Gold)  - Women’s Javelin Throw F37
  • Petrucio Ferreira(Gold)  - Men’s Athletics 100m T47
  • Yohansson do Nascimento(Bronze)  - Men’s Athletics 100m T47
  • Teresinha de Jesus (Bronze)  - Women’s Athletics 100m T45
  • Felipe Gomes (Silver)  - Men’s Athletics 100m T11
  • Daniel Dias (Silver) - Men’s Swimming 100m T11 
  • Fabio Bordignon (Silver) - Men’s Athletics 200m T35 
  • Israel Stroh (Silver) - Table Tennis Class 7
  • Rodrigo Parreira (Silver) - Men’s  Long Jump T36
  • Dirceu Pinto/Eliseu/Marcelo dos Santos (Silver) - Boccia 
  • Brazil (Silver) - Men’s Athletics 4x100m T42-47
  • André Brasil (Bronze) - Men’s Swimming Butterfly 100m - S10
  • Antônio Leme/Evani Silva/Evelyn Oliveira (Gold) - Mixed Boccia
  • Alessandro Rodrigo da Silva (Gold) - Men’s Discus Throw F11
  • Talisson Glock (Bronze) - Men’s Swimming 200m Medley - SM6
  • Daniel Dias (Gold) - Men’s Swimming 50m Freestyle - S5
  • Joana Silva (Silver) - Women’s Swimming 50m Freestyle - S5
  • Edson Pinheiro(Bronze) - Men’s Athletics 100m T38
  • Evânio da Silva(Silver) - Men’s Powerlifting 88kg
  • Diogo Jeronimo/Gustavo Araujo/Daniel Silva/Felipe Gomes (Gold) -  Men’s Athletics 4x100m T11-13
  • Mateus Evangelista (Silver) - Men’s Athletics Long Jump T37
  • Odair dos Santos (Silver) - Men’s  Athletics 1.500m T11
  • André Brasil (Silver) - Men’s Swimming 100m Freestyle - S10
  • Phelipe Rodrigues (Bronze) - Men’s Swimming 100m Freestyle - S10
  • Bruna Alexandre (Bronze) -  Women’s Table Tennis Class 10
  • Verônica Hipólito (Bronze) - Women’s Athletics 400m T38
  • Lauro César Chama (Bronze) - Men's Cycling Road Time Trial C5
  • Thalita Simplício/Alice Corrêa/Lorena Spoladore/Terezinha Guilhermina (Silver) - Men’s Athletics 4x100m T11-13
  • Carlos Farrenberg(Silver) - Women’s Swimming 50m Freestyle S13
  • Daniel Dias/André Brasil/Ruiter Silva/Phelipe Rodrigues(Silver) -   Men’s Swimming 4x100m 
  • Caio Ribeiro(Bronze) - Men’s Canoe 200m KL3
  • Sérgio Oliva (Bronze) - Men’s Equestrian
  • Felipe Gomes (Silver) - Men’s Athletics 200m T11      
  • Daniel Silva (Bronze) - Men’s Athletics 200m T11
  • Marivana Oliveira (Bronze) - Women’s Shot Put F35 
  • Silvania Costa (Gold) - Women’s Athletics Long Jump T11
  • Lorena Salvatini(Bronze) - Women’s Athletics Long Jump T11
  • Sérgio Oliva (Bronze) - Men’s Equestrian Freestyle
  • Brazil (Bronze) - Men’s Football 7 a side 
  • Brazil (Bronze) - Men’s Goalball
  • Terezinha Guilhermina (Bronze) - Women’s Athletics 400m T11
  • Daniel Dias (Gold) - Men’s Swimming 50m Backstroke - S5
  • Lauro César Chama (Silver) - Men’s Road Cycling C5
  • Bruna Alexandre/Danielle Rauen/Jennyfer Parinos (Bronze) - Women’s Table Tennis
  • Brazil (Bronze) - Women’s Sitting Volleyball
  • Brazil (Gold) - Men’s Football 5 a side
  • Petrucio Ferreira (Silver)  - Men’s Athletics 400m T47
  • Shirlene Coelho (Silver)  - Women’s Discus Throw F38
  • Iranildo Espíndola/Guilherme Costa/Aloisio Lima(Bronze) - Men’s Table Tennis
  • Felipe Gomes (Silver)  - Men’s Athletics 400m T11
  • Daniel Dias (Gold) - Men’s Swimming 50m Backstroke - S5
  • Joana Silva (Silver) - Women’s Swimming 100m - S5
  • Daniel Dias/Ruan de Souza/André Brasil/Phelipe Rodrigues (Bronze) - Men’s Swimming 4x100m Medley
  • Edneusa Dorta(Bronze) - Women’s Marathon T11/12

Total Medals: 72

  • Gold: 14   
  • Silver: 29
  • Bronze: 29

Position: 8



Reclaiming Fitspo: Maritza Correia

Correia is an American competitive swimmer. Born and raised in Puerto Rico with parents who were natives of Guyana, Correia was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 7. Her doctor recommended that she take swimming lessons as a form of physical therapy. It wasn’t long afterward that she joined her school’s swimming team and started to break regional records.

In 1999, she became the U.S. National Champion in the 50m freestyle in the 18 and under category, as well as a six time Florida High School State Champion in multiple events. Correia was a member of both the 1997 USA National Junior Team and the 1999 USA Short Course World Championship Team. Later on, as a member of the University of Georgia, she aided her swim team in winning their title in the 400m freestyle relay. She earned a share of the SEC Commissioner’s Trophy for high point honors, making her the first and only swimmer in SEC history to win an SEC title in all Freestyle events. During her college career, she was a 27-time All-American, and 11 Time NCAA Champion.

Although she tried out for the 2000 US Olympic swimming team and failed to make the cut, Correia spent the next four years winning a number of international medals: Gold in the 2001 World Championship, 2002 National Champion in the 50y and 100y freestyle, gold in the 2003 World Championships, and gold in the 2004 Short Course World Championships. These achievements made her the first Black US swimmer to set an American and World swimming record

In 2004, Correia became the first Puerto Rican of African descent to be on the USA Olympic Swimming Team. She went on to win silver in the 400m free relay.

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Phelps Helps U.S. Men Win Relay Gold In Rio; Manuel Helps Women Snare Gold
Michael Phelps wins his 23rd career gold. American Simone Manuel picked up a silver medal and a gold, as she swam an individual race and anchored the women's medley.

Both the men’s and women’s medley relay teams repeated their golden races of the London 2012 games, with the women’s relay bringing Team USA its 1,000th gold medal in the Summer Olympic Games (dating back to 1896).

For Phelps, the win brought his 23rd gold medal and his 28th Olympic medal overall.

We also saw newly minted Olympic champion Simone Manuel – who made history this week as the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in swimming — grab a silver in the 50m freestyle before diving back in the pool later to anchor the women’s medley relay.

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images


In the 2010 Pan Pacific Championships, Nathan Adrian upsets Cesar Cielo in the 50m freestyle by 0.02 seconds.