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OKAY BUT talk to me about Enjolras and Grantaire being roommates their first year at university please

I see a lot of US college Aus so let me french this up a bit : French Uni Roomates Aus

So Enjolras really didn’t want to have a uni residence room, ok? Because these things are 9m² and he could already see himself go mad between those walls. If he wanted a bigger flat, he needed a roomate. Now, Courf and Combeferre already have their own and he can’t decently crash at theirs all the time, plus their couch is a fucking misery, no thanks.

That’s how he meets Grantaire. The man has a well situated 50m² flat, but not enough money to pay rent because his previous roomate, Bossuet, has effed off with his boyfriend and girlfriend. Seems like a perfect match, right? Enjolras just wants a bed, a fridge and a shower, so by putting two and two together, this should be ideal.

Except Enjolras and Grantaire are NOTHING ALIKE. Grantaire is an Art student at the Fac de Lettres while Enjolras is a Law student at the Fac de Droit, and it’s universally known that those two establishment judge they HELL out of each other. According to Law people, Lettres students are all hippies sitting on the grass, playing guitar, smoking joints and doing NOTHING to get their degree and according to Lettres students, Law people are uptight douchebags who feel superior to everybody, coming from posh family to carry on daddy’s legacy. For course, those stereotypes are thrown more than often in the flat.

Enjolras can’t stand the way Grantaire keeps coming home at 3am, smashed after a students’ party, waking the whole neighbourhood up. Grantaire complains about Enjolras who never seems to clean ANYTHING because he’s “too busy”. Grantaire snores. Enjolras drinks all the coffee. This cohabitation is a nightmare.

Until winter break. Grantaire leaves the flat for a week, to see his mom and sister while Enjolras stays put. He has absolutely no desire to see his family whatsoever, plus he’s behind in everything (or so he thinks). But the flat is strangely silent without Grantaire’s snoring. Without his freaking guitar playing. Without his laugh. He even misses his nagging. When then he realises :

“Oh shit, I may like the guy???”