Es una capa de la atmósfera que se encuentra entre la troposfera y la mesósfera, se extiende entre los 10km y 50km de altitud, la temperatura allí varia entre 10C y -60C, en la parte baja de la estratosfera la temperatura es relativamente estable y en la capa hay poca humedad.

Cerca al final de la estratósfera se encuentra la capa de ozono que absorbe la mayoría de los rayos ultravioletas del Sol.

Celebrated my birthday and thanks giving for finishing a #50km #ultramarathon by doing a fund raising for #KanlunganNiMaria .

I usually do my charity work with organizations that deals with kids. Twas my first time to do a home for the elderly. Really am overwhelmed with joy and sadness. Joy because of the warmth welcome they gave me. Sadness because of the stories they’ve shared.

Lesson learned today, be grateful with what ever you have, cherish your friends, cherish your family. Be happy.

In behalf of #KanlunganNiMaria, I would like to thank all the people who supported my fundraising, #42KmForTheOldies.

And please, if you and your friends have a spare time, kindly share it with them. Visit them, listen to their stories, learn from it. Crack some jokes and make them smile. Be playful and dance with them.

#running #charity #takboph #pinoyfitness #igrunnersph #runmania #Tagaytay2Kawit (at Kanlungan Ni Maria, Home For The Aged. Antipolo City)


Really great new promotional video for the Raidlight Lantau 100 Ultramarathon - beautifully crafted by the talented Lloyd Belcher and featuring a track from none other than yours truly. That song, and EP, are available on my Soundcloud page:

Nic Tinworth - Pacific Northwest EP