Summer’s coming up, as is RTX and I would really, really love to go in order to meet friends, finally get to meet @firstofficerweenie in the flesh, and to network frantically with other peeps in the industry. However, with all sorts of bills popping up I don’t really have the cash.

So! I’m setting myself the goal of $250 through commissions in April/May in order to try to cover the plane ticket. (PLEASE do not just donate; if you really, really want to, you can add a tip with your commission or ask for a 10 dollar sketch/short fic but I really would feel bad getting hand-outs or gifts at this time.) more examples of my work can be found in my art tag!


  • I will giveaway one (1) bust painting to someone who likes or reblogs this post between now and April 30th - that’s a head-and-shoulders, solo character
  • First commission locked in (accepted by me, and half-payment sent) will be $40 instead of $50
  • if i don’t meet my goal, money will go towards stuff like Groceries and Rent and Savings
  • if i exceed my goal, extra money will probably go towards cosplay

contact and payment will be to bittersweetsaro(a)gmail.com! thanks in advance!



- simple black and white/spot color - $35

full color/complex design  - $50

If you’re interested, email me at evangelinemgallagher@gmail.com (or message me here, but I prefer email!)

I’m doing discount commissions/tattoo design work on an ongoing basis again! Help a girl pay her rent. Here are some designs I’ve done previously, along with two that have been inked! I’m also comfortable drawing super traditional designs, if that’s your thing.    

(I’m also interested in other illustration projects - particularly show flyers/band merch/album art etc. If you’re a musician and you want to see more of my work in that vein, hmu!)    

Hey there, everyone! I’m finally deciding to do commissions. For those who don’t know me, my name is Tay. I’m a 25 year old who is job hunting and having terrible luck with it. I also like to draw!

Here is what I’m offering:

Lineart: Bust: $10 | Full Body: $15
Flat colors: Bust: $20 | Full Body: $25
Full Color: Bust: $30 | Full Body: $35
Portraits: Portraits are only available as bust and are $50

If you want an additional character (beyond two characters), then an extra $10 will be needed. For example, if you ask for a full body piece that is usually only $30-$35 but want a third character in it, then the price will increase to $40-$45. Extra character’s means more work for me.

The rules are as follow:

  • I will draw Original Characters and canon characters! Want me to draw your Pokemon Trainers? What about your characters from Go? I can do that. Ships? Sure!
  • For Original Characters, I will need either a detailed, written description of them or a visual image.
  • If you want me to draw your Pokemon Trainer (Go or otherwise), then simply provide me with a visual image of them.
  • For Canon Characters, I will just need a visual image for and/or what canon they’re from and their name.
  • I will not draw anything involving NSFW, gore, animals or underage ships (10+ age gap squicks me out. Otherwise, I will draw any ship!).
  • I will only accept 3 requests at a time.
  • You can see more details here. It includes terms & conditions, what I will and will not draw, etc. Please read it thoroughly before hitting me up!

This is PAYPAL ONLY and please email me at lokadyne@gmail.com.

Hello! This is really important!

Many people came to me after I opened commissions about a year ago. I really wish I could do commissions right now, but I just can’t! My Dad is sick, I’m trying to finish up my senior year of high school, I’m planning for college, I have a real job, etc. etc. 

I think that after a lot of organizing and getting my life together, I’ll be able to re-open commissions, but for now I just can’t add anything else to my plate. I’m really sorry! I left the original post below the read more in case somebody needed to see it (or in case I don’t want to redo the formatting if/when I reopen……………) so there’s that. Also, if/when I reopen, I’m not going to be taking commissions with OCs. Writing somebody’s OC when you feel like you don’t have enough information is really hard and scary. Just keep that in mind!

I hope you all can understand! Thank you!

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