Dipshidiot was sentenced for his DUI accident.

He took a plea and was sentenced to 1 yr probation, a suspended drivers license (indefinitely), 50hrs community service, $1500 fines and some kind of class.

I think he got off easy.

I am so thankful that I have reached a point where I have a level of financial security, and I don’t want to shit on it, but these thoughts are constant for me:

  • why are there no POC in my immediate division?
  • why am i earning more than my parents combined for 50-55/hr a week, when my dad worked 65-70hr/wk and my mom worked 40-50hr/wk?
  • classism is a real thing  but white supremacy in hiring practices helped me get where I am today
  • why do i have more in my savings than either of my parents?
  • why do I have more in my retirement acct after 6 mo than my dad has ever had and than my mom put away for retirement in 6 years, when both of my parents’ jobs are far more grueling than my own?
  • why is “intellectual” work valued over the work that keeps peoples’ cars running, valued over work that keeps people fed?

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do you even realize that you're putting peoples jobs at risk for fucking $100 moisturizer and some $40 eye shadow that you don't need? the people who work at these stores who get in trouble because of your stealing are actually trying to support their fucking families with just their minimum wage alone and you're probably sitting on your unemployed ass stealing heels just because you wanted them. You know this website is run by children when shoplifting becomes a trend lmao. fucking scumbag smh.

Whhhhhhy does no one read anything else I post?

1. I don’t care! I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care! I know that people can lose their jobs for not catching lifters but like… If that’s a part of their job, shouldn’t they be better at it?

2. I work, 50hrs a week! I’m working 3 jobs right now, and am able to make money for things that I need and some things that I want.

3. Also, I’m a legal adult! I’ve mentioned it before, again and again.

Whelp…looks like I am going to starve n have nicotine cravings until the tenth. Plus, I don’t even know if I’ll make rent or the other bill due at the end of the month. All because I have 75 dollars to my name and I don’t know how big or little my check will be the 25th…since I only clocked about 50hrs.

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i’ll take a look on yt but pausing battle is going to be a big help! you can direct your party members and tell them where to attack, what moves to use, and it helps to view the whole battlefield

WAIT DO YOU MAP OUT TACTICS FROM THE CHARACTER MENU???i’m so dense i’ve only been using the character menus for abilities and attributes FUCK!! tactics sound extremely useful omg thank u!!!

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it takes some getting used to dw it took me like an entire 50hr gameplay of origins to realize that i even COULD pause to do tactics l m a o

OMG THIS IS ME TOO even my brother who was watching me play was like “why aren’t you using tactics” and i was like “what no i don’t know what that is” gdi

jinlian replied to your post “jinlian replied to your post “FUCK!!! FUCKN!!! EVERYTHING WAS GOING…”

also make sure you’re using health poultices and if u have anders make him use a healing spell when health is low!

oh man i’ve been letting anders do his thing when i could have been using him bc the last two attempts to get at hayder he was the last one standing while the rest of us were dead lmao.


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Maybe tell her you can't afford them anymore x

I’ve got about 50hrs out of 100 idk my family said I should just say I’m taking a break from lessons now and will book more in when I get closer to the end I might say I can’t afford them anymore but idk it’s so scary I just wish I could cancel without having to face her haha

Martes 23 de junio

Llegamos a la hora acordada, (14:50hrs - 16:20hrs),

En esta oportunidad quisimos mejorar el área de integración y la convivencia por lo que hicimos lo que se ilustra en las fotos: Una once relajada con sopaipillas y pebre que nosotros aportamos.

La actividad resultó muy bien, pasamos todos un rato muy agradable y familiar, que es lo que queríamos lograr con esta actividad; por decirlo de algún modo, hacer del centro un hogar.

Luego de finalizada la actividad, limpiamos lo que ensuciamos y dejamos todo reluciente.

Pensamos que el objetivo se cumplió. Y a cada semana se progresa un poco más, como a paso de tortuga: Lento pero seguro. 

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Tuvimos asistencia completa.