The 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters

7. Will Horton, Days of Our Lives

Actor: Chandler Massey
Character created 1996; Massey’s portrayal 2010-2013; actor Guy Wilson assumes role in 2014
Previous Rank: N/A

When it was announced that ancient NBC soap 

Days Of Our Lives would out teenager Will Horton, it was met with a healthy amount of skepticism. After all, this is the show that is infamous for its over-the-top storylines, including, but not limited to, satanic possession and they did once replace the entire town with replicas. But Will’s coming-out was treated with respect and dignity. Or at least as much of those qualities you can get on a soap. The more we got to know Will, the more we grew to love him. He didn’t make it easy at times, but with help from gay sensei Sonny, Will eventually took those first precarious steps out of the closet, kissing new friend Neil  (played appropriately, by the son of Kris Kristofferson, thus using The Streisand Gay Proximity Effect to its fullest), before freaking out and running away. But with help from his grandmother, who encouraged him to be his “delicious self,” Will gathered the courage to accept himself as a gay man … and then promptly slept with his ex-girlfriend. But she was just a momentary distraction, as Will realized that the love of his life had been by him all the time, and he and Sonny began their reign as Soap’s Gay Supercouple. It’s been a rocky road to happiness for the two of them, with various blockers thrown in their way (a murder charge, a previous attempted murder charge, blackmail, mothers), but they’re still together. Chandler Massey won two consecutive Daytime Emmy awards for playing Will Horton. We’re curious what actor Guy Wilson will bring to the role when he takes over in January. Even with a different actor we’ll continue to witness Will’s journey … and all the drama and ugly shirts that come with it. –s.