50ft swells

For Killian,

Originally posted by lovetheworldlife

He loved the sea.
As a boy the sparkling sea was a promise,
Of adventure,
A way to live the stories his father told,
A symbol of everything yet to come.

Until the morning it did come,
Crashing upon him like 50ft swells,
A hurricane.
His father left a perfect storm in his wake,
Leaving the boy to tumble in the angry waves.

He loved the sea.
On the cusp of manhood the stormy sea gave his brother a choice,
A way to help him,
When he could not help himself,
Setting a course towards smoother waters and endless possibility.

Until the morning he fed the depths with his own tears,
Twin streams he could not hide flowed over the gunwale,
With his brother’s body.
Hopes and dreams and every part of him that mattered,
Now lost forever in the dark abyss.

He loved the sea.
Her hair dark and flowing like currents in the night,
Her eyes,
Piercing and fresh as the ice flows of the far north,
A renewed promise of adventure from his childhood dreams.

Until the morning her heart became dust blowing in the winds,
The water held only the pain of lives ended too soon,
Untold stories,
The storm he’d thought long passed rose up around him,
Wrecking him against the rocks and washing him up on an unlikely beach.

She was as rough and gritty as sand polishing glass in the surf,
With a halo of golden hair beaming down around her,
Beautiful and burning,
Her grey-green eyes marking the final passing of the storm,
With solid anchorages for shelter and landmarks to guide him when he lost his way.

Until the clouds broke and the sun rose and a calm breeze drifted,
Along the dunes and tides holding secrets to discover,
New adventures,
This time with happy endings and promises kept,
The losses of the past left only as bittersweet memories.

He would always love the sea.
But he’d found his True home on the shore.