50caliberviking said: At least you have hollows for home defense… I’ve got hunting rounds in my FAL mag, ‘cause that’s the closest I’ve found. xD

dont know why it took me so long to see this.. 

BUT! id take any rounds out of a .308 over hollow point 5.56 any day haha.. 

doesnt really matter where you hit the person, chances are they wont keep coming after the first hit. lol 

“Why .308? Because when the shooting starts, people have the tendency to hide behind things." 

berserkerjerk asked:

What are you most proud of in your life? And conversely (bonus question!) what do you wish you were most proud of?

  1. I’m proud of the fact that I’m smart and able to take care of myself.
  2. I wish I could say I’m proud of my occupation or whatever but I’m pretty unemployed lol 

Being a complicated half of something that makes a whole is extraordinarily amazing! This isn’t an “Oh yay, look at me, I’m in love,” post. Its more like a mix of a sigh of relief and contentment, when you can look at this person and say, “There you are, I’ve been looking for you my whole life, I’m so glad I’ve found you!” This is what I have with this wonderful young man. I have never felt happier in my life, even on days that I’m falling apart because life has knocked me down again. He’s there even when he’s down, he picks me up first, to make sure we get ahead together. That’s the beauty of it, the togetherness. I have someone to look forward to building something with. I want to forever be at his side helping us grow together and grow up. Were still kids, we don’t have it together on our own. And yet I have that content feeling of how it can only get better from here. Like other couples we have our disagreements, bad days, good days, stressful days and those few and far in between times when we finally catch a break. And I’m forever smiling because there he is, at my side, holding my hand and still moving forward with me. That’s my love. I can’t possibly want more or any different. All I know is when I’m with him, I am complete. I am loved.

I shall have the best husband ever, because he is my best friend and I absolutely adore him! I want to go to sleep with him and to wake up with him and do that until we’re old and gray. We might have a few heartbreaks, disappointments, sad moments and fights within our lives, that’s just life. Having someone who will love you through them makes them easier to bear. He truly is a great blessing and I can’t wait to start our lives together. I know I’ll forever have someone who makes me smile, who knows who I am, who cares about me, who I can talk to openly and who I can love and care for right back! I have been truly blessed!

I have the best boyfriend ever!

Because of the simple fact that he takes care of me in a way that also heps build me. He doesn’t make me feel helpless or useless, he pushes me along and holds my hand. He’s someone to be proud of, and someone that I can’t wait to call my husband. I am grateful for having him in my life because he is such an amazing friend. I love you my sweetie :*