jazzy_joness: Outside the Richard Rogers Theater in between shows to get people registered to #VOTE!!!! We will also be outside on Saturday at the same time :) It’s super easy and really important! #VOTE ✌🏾️✔️🇺🇸

Recently, it was really funny – I was driving back north a few weeks ago with my mates to play golf, and I’d been to a premiere in Dublin for ‘Anthropoid’. It got really late, around midnight, so we stopped at a service station in the middle of nowhere for a Burger King.The girl working there looked at me and said, ‘Oh my god! You must get this all the time – you’re the spit of Christian Grey from those ‘Fifty Shades’ movies!’ I wouldn’t normally have done it but it was late, she was serving burgers, so I said, ‘Yes, yes, it is me – I’m the actor from those films’. She looked at me like I was crazy, pulling her leg. I showed her ID but she hadn’t a clue who Jamie Dornan was. She just wasn’t having it! That keeps things real.
—  Jamie Dornan

“Fuwa Fuwa Foof” Fan Art
..So you NEED to watch this amazingly awesome animation by @kyrakupetsky


I’ve rewatched it so many times and I absolutely adore the art style and character design! I freaking love Foof and her gang-gals; I would SOO watch this if it were a real show!!!

“Sometimes in porno films he’d see a woman with a pentagram on her body, and that would excite him. It was her, that kind of woman – a follower of Satan, of what was evil – that interested and turned him on. She would be someone he could trust; she would be someone who’d understand his needs and not think he was strange, weird or bizarre.”

- Philip Carlo on Richard Ramirez