501 spoilers

Be Okay
klaine, PG, 501 episode reaction (kinda), futurefic 

The first time Blaine yells at him, Kurt knows they’re really back to being okay.

Until that moment, even in the months since they became engaged, Blaine has held himself back slightly. He’s this strange middle version of Blaine that Kurt has to learn to navigate around; not the vibrant polished Blaine that everyone else sees, eyeing the world like something to be conquered through sheer unadulterated politeness and charm, not that public front, but… a facade in a different way. It’s born from a place of love and care but Kurt can still see that Blaine has been holding himself carefully, back a little, always making sure that he’s saying the right things and going the step. Pulling out chairs, waking early to make breakfast, bringing Kurt flowers, texting him just enough but not too much.

Blaine has been making himself the perfect boyfriend, like he’s afraid the first time he raises his voice or pushes an issue, things will shatter.

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A lot happened this chapter but just let me say

I’m not here for any Lucy Heartfilia hate

I’m not here for any nalu hate

Lucy literally went against a girl with impossibly powerful powers that could’ve killed them all one by one while barely lifting a finger

This isn’t her first time protecting natsu and it won’t be her last

Lucy has grown so much and has more character development than anyone else and the manga and no one can convince me otherwise.

Though that chapter did not end and Lucy’s favor I have full confidence she’ll pull through in the end because Hiro Mashima writes all of her battles well and makes her actually work hard for a victory.