501 shorts

I have been meaning to post this for a while since it is truly my favorite Graham Coxon thing ever. I found this screenshot of Graham’s tumblr on pinterest and I guess he posted a submitted post that had been tagged “masturbation material” without realizing it and then wrote a brilliant stream of consciousness almost poem about discovering a photo of himself being called “masturbation material.” The post says this:

rebogging.. the image…to ..that will in turn… concrete dream
is that against the rules to rebog yourselfs image…i thought.. i remember him.. looking like him.. knew how i felt when  the picture got took..so….with how i felt at the time…i would have been happy to know…maybe a bit frightened..to see…what was written….i am safe. its an old picture.

 concrete dream.  

   first pair of 501s.

 short hair…the soggy desert.

 i am material..

 i know all about urges..

better out than in…..my twenties was a crashes urge disgrace locked in a rib cage hell.

an injustice…..break your ribs.

(i found this months ago and still laugh every time i think about it. graham is a national treasure)

anonymous asked:

things you've been loving for summer?

Hmm Levi 501 shorts I love how Alexa Chung calls them hot pants lmao. Also white flowy shirts n kitten sandals. Wrap dresses. Jillian Dempsey’s eye gloss in Dew and Ouai’s rose oil for your hair / skin. Glossier cherry balm on cheeks n lips. Black one piece swim suits. SPF. Bucket bags. A lover who appreciates you!


Title: We Are Stars

Author: wincechesters

Artist: musingsofashley

Pairing(s): Anna Milton/Jo Harvelle, Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy Baum

Rating: M

Wordcount: ~24K

Summary: Anna is well on her way to assuming her place at her father’s corporation when she runs away with nothing but  a backpack full of clothes, her sketchbook and a wad of cash she’s saved up and stolen from her father’s safe. She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, but knows she has to get away from her father’s strict household and the plan he has for her. She doesn’t make it very far before she meets Jo, a drifter spending her life on the road, making money off the deadbeats and truckers she hustles at dive bars. On a whim, Jo offers to drive her to California and Anna agrees. Even though they both know it’s temporary—just until Jo gets Anna to California—they can’t seem to stay out of each others’ orbit. Somewhere between the breakdown in Oklahoma and a day spent hiking the Grand Canyon, they find themselves becoming more than just two girls on the same road trip.

Link to fic masterpost: AO3

I will be singing this story’s praises at the top of my lungs. Fabulous writing, indeed, and man I am still hankering at re watching the seasons with Jo in them. You made me miss that character something fierce and made me even more of a fan of Anna.

References utilized for the truck were 78’ Chevy blazer catalogue scans (from what I could tell). Anna in the cover image is supposed to be wearing 501 cut-off shorts. (I work in a Levi’s. They are imprinted on my braaiiiinnnnn.) and then screenshots. Oh lord. All the screenshots.