For anyone who ever doubted Sehun’s talent after today you really have no right to do that anymore (not that you ever had the right because this boy IS TALENTED!!). Not only did he dance and SING this song (which btw he did an amazing job at) he also co-produced AND wrote the lyrics to that too and on top of that worked really hard to show us his body which he promised us. Sehun really works so hard and always wants to improve, I feel blessed to stan such a dedicated man who wants to show a better side of him each time he gets the opportunity and I’m beyond proud of him for doing so

things we’ve got right now:

  • extremely limited stadium dates and no confirmation of more future dates or even arena dates
  • extremely overpriced merch and shipping costs for international fans
  • extremely exclusive videos that many fans cannot access/cannot afford to access

era for the fans? sorry, i’m not seeing it

Tiny Stalker’s Stash

…to give you a hint: this bottle is 11cm tall :v
Russian Standard is a house-warming gift to Major Degtyarev. Because… yes, yes, Major Degtyarev art doll is done; HE IS DONE and sports a Sunrise Suit and I’m currently processing the photoshot I took today. Now two stalker sons live at my apartment, god help me, blin :v

How shall Major Deg be christened tho? If Strelok is Zone Boy/Ostry Synek/Knife Son (thanks @deepsearuin, I’m borrowing the name time and time again :v)… some food for thought.

“HappyNess Is Not A Myth”

Summary:  Bucky and Patricia Barnes are preparing for the birth of their first baby. This story follows the joys and pitfalls of pregnancy.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Patricia Barnes

OFC: Steve, Tony, Nat, Wanda, Sam, Dr. Azalea Mitchell, and Sarah Natalia Barnes

Word Count: 2,889

Warnings: Talk of labor pains.

A/N: Thank you @violentlybarnes for allowing me to participate in your writing challenge. My prompt: “I’m going to die” Congrats on 500+ followers.

A/N 2: I’m aware happiness is misspelled. :D

Master List

Childbirth is a blessed event. There’s no greater joy than pushing an 8 pound baby through a small canal. Hours upon hours of stabbing pain, sweating, cursing, and morphing into a crazed lunatic are worth it. The sweet sound of piercing cries of an  infant (s) are music to parent’s ears. In the end, you’re rewarded by watching your little one grow up into their own person.

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some of you will praise taylor for being this kickass business woman but refuse to believe she has any say in her merch or tour dates… or even worse try to *justify* the way we as poorer fans continue to be treated…

like okay sally anne, we get it, you can afford five shows in the closest major city and getting a free $15 plastic phone stand after spending over $100 is a great deal for you, but the rest of us can’t afford that.

Relative: Hey Cassidy, what’s that on your shoulder? Is that a tattoo of someone’s signature?

Me, happily: Yeah! I️ met Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy a Little bit ago and he signed me, so I️ got it tattooed.

Relative, dissapointed: That’s a pretty permanent move. I️ hope he’s not some idiot douchebag. Can I️ see a picture of him?

Me: uh…

Me: yeah that’s not gonna happen