Title: Honest
Fandom: Valdaya
Note 1: For Monday Prompt Challenge Zendaya accidentally sends an inappropriate message on the internet quickly deletes it but its too late… (or something like that LOL)
Note 2: For 500themes using the prompt You can’t do that!

Also this one of those stories that sounded better in my head so ANY feedback would be great! I never seem to get alot of that… Please enjoy!


“I really need to turn the damn thing off when I go to bed!” Val mutters to himself while whipping the covers off instantly feeling the brisk November air and goes to retrieve the disturber of his slumber; his phone. The luminescent screen held the words Incoming Call From Zendaya. Instantly his mood softens but only a little.

“You do know it’s two forty in the morning for me right?”

“Val I am so sorry!” He knew by the tone in each word she wasn’t apologizing for the hour.

“Sorry? For what?”

“I swear it was an accident. Deja and I were just messing around.”

“Accident? Are you hurt?” Protective mood kicked into high gear.

“No I’m fine, well sort of.” Val waits for her to continue she doesn’t though.

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Title: Time
Fandom: Valdaya
Note: For my 500themes challenge using the prompt Suddenly
Disclaimer: Just for fun. I’m not hurting you, so don’t hurt me!
Also needs to be edited and cleaned up a bit, but it’s late and way past my bedtime so that’ll come later!


“I think it’s time.” The voice from the doorway of the bedroom awakes him and for a moment he can’t register who it belongs to or what exactly it was time for. According to the glow of the alarm clock it was time for three hours and forty-seven more minutes of sleep. Than a freight train comes barreling into him and his eyes fly open and scrabbles out of the bed nearly resembling a cartoon character.

“Time? You mean time time?!” She can’t help laughing at the entertainment he was unwilling providing.

“Yeah at least I’m pretty sure, it is my first time so I might be wrong. I doubt it though.”

“Well holy shit let’s get you to the hospital.” He yanks on a pair of track pants and a muscle shirt, realizing it’s the one with the mustard stain from last Friday;s cookout, but leaves it on anyway. She is already dressed, overnight bag she prepared two months ago gripped tight in her hands. He notices her facial expression has changed, her breathing faster, and she’s staring down at the carpet. Yeah it was time.

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Good Impression

Title: Good Impression
Fandom: Valdaya 
Note 1: Baty requested…: zendaya is annoyed over something, val tries to help, she takes it out on him, It’s not quite that but the idea did branch from it. So thank you!
Note 2: For 500themes using the prompt A broken sensitivity

“Oh shut it Val!” Zendaya snaps at her fiance as he gives her a look of mock horror and hurt.

“Look babe it’ll be great.”

“And how do you know?”

“Because you’re Zendaya and when you look it up in the dictionary the definition reads one that is perfect in every single way.”  He clears the length of the kitchen until he’s able to wrap his arms around her waist, in response she mutters something that would make a sailor blush and jerks away.

“I don’t need your mouth!” At first her temper was cute, he could play along, now she is pushing him closer and closer off the cliff.

“Z you need to calm down, just breathe.”

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Title: Dessert
Fandom: Valdaya
Note 1: For 500themes using the prompt Forgotten, not forgiven
Note 2: Part 7 of These Little Moments series
Disclaimer: It’s all in fun

“Dad and I made dessert!”  Clarissa shouts a bit more loudly than needed, but instead of scolding her the guests just smile.

“Yes vnuchka we know, I’m looking forward to eating them.  But first did you enjoy your pirozhki?”  When Larisa learned her youngest son’s girlfriend was a vegetarian she become concerned; how was she to feed her along with her beautiful little girl when couldn’t provide meat in any of the dishes?  To her relief she discovered Clarissa did eat meat, though Zendaya still was working on changing that.  However Val ate meat, all her friends ate meat, other family members too, and most importantly Clarissa liked it.

“It was….’ Clarissa pauses, wrinkling her forehead searching for the correct word, ‘zamechatel'nyy?”

“Hot damn!  Good job sweetheart!”  Val exclaims leaning over the table to give out a high five.

“Impressive.”  Sasha says smiling affectionately at the young girl who in return sits up proudly full of confidence.

“Are you sure she’s not his biologically?’  Maks leans over to his left to quip in Zendaya’s ear; a hard elbow to his ribs is response enough. 'Ouch! Christ Val your girlfriend can hit!”

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Just A Joke

Title: Just A Joke
Fandom: Valdaya
For: 500themes using the prompt And the edges blur
Note 1: Inspired by this interview
Note 2: Just a bit of stream of consciousness that got away from me!

Also somewhat adult originated you have been warned! So if you disapprove of that just go on your lovely way in peace!

“So does it happen a lot?” Val just stares at his dance partner while she took a swig from her bottled water other hand on her hip giving the classic answer me or else look.

“What exactly is this it you speak of?” He finally requires in the midst of a small staring down contest. Zendaya breaks eye contact to look towards the far side of the room where her mom sat head down likely playing Candy Crush again; when she turns back there is a troublesome smirk shown in her eyes long with her mouth.

“Well I was just wondering how often people randomly sext you.” Of everything the it could have or might have been that was certainly not on the list.

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Calls At 3:30 Are Never Good

Title: Calls At 3:30 Are Never Good
Fandom: Valdaya
Note: For 500themes using the prompt You must fear what you cannot speak
Disclaimer: It’s all in fun

“Zendaya I thought I told you to shut your phone off.” At her mother’s muttered voice coming from the other bed in the hotel room, than Zendaya notices the low electronic rumble coming from underneath the last outfit she worn sitting on the chair.

“Sorry mom I’ll get rid of whoever it is.” Zendaya is equally pissed off by the interruption of her sleep; really who thought calling somebody at three thirty in the morning was acceptable?

“Whatever just make it stop.” Her mom’s voice is heavier, fading back into a peaceful slumber. Zendaya walks over to the chair throwing off her shirt onto the floor revealing the smart phone with the message Incoming Call From Alex S. Alex? Alex is calling her, despite them having each other’s numbers they had never actually ever called one another; they only ever texted and even with that not very often. A wave of fear washes over her as she picks up the phone hitting accept as she brings its up to her ear.

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Birthdays And Knees

Title: Birthdays And Knees
Fandom: Valdaya
Note 1: For 500themes using the prompt blood and tears
Note 2: Part of an unnamed series.
Disclaimer: It’s all in fun

“Well happy birthday Clarissa,” Maks says to the smiling and giggling girl with frosting smeared around her lips.

“Previt uncle Maks! Where is Eden?” She asks leading him inside, he sees her mother, his brother, and a few other adults (a mix of known and unknown) hanging out in the kitchen.  The children are right outside on the patio decorated in a mix of bright yellow and white balloons.

“Previt huh?  Good job honey!”  He was aware that his brother had been giving her little lessons in Russian, but this was the first time he had heard her applying those lessons in her speech, it sounded pretty good.

“Thank you.  I mess up a lot but I’m trying and it’s fun.”  Clarissa beams from ear to ear.

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Deepen The Cracks

Title: Deepen The Cracks
Fandom: Valdaya
Note 1: For 500themes using the prompt blind-sided
Note 2: Part of a unnamed series, only make sense if you read them first
Disclaimer: It’s all in fun.

“Mom! Mom!” Clarissa shouts as she races up the stairs to find the individual she desires. Upon hearing her second name Zendaya quickly separates her lips from Val’s own, who in return just laughs pulling himself into a sitting position.

“Will you move?! I’m not going to pretend that my daughter is a genius but she’ll figure out what’s going on in a quick second if she sees you like that here.” He is about to protest stopping when glares at him, yeah now wasn’t the time. He ducks into the master suite closing the door just as the main one flies open.

“Hello love bug what’s up?” Zendaya asks her daughter who flings herself onto the bed Iris clutched in her hand.

“Nothing. My movie was getting boring. And I missed you.”

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Wanting The Best

Title: Wanting The Best I
Fandom: Valdaya
For: 500themes using the prompt messenger
Note: Takes place a few months in the future

“We need to talk.” Kazembe instantly lays down the book on his lap looking up at his son. Something in the tone told him his full undivided attention was needed.

“What’s up?”

“I don’t know where to begin. I still can’t even believe it.”

“Just come out with it.” He takes a seat on the chair adjacent removes his hat and begins to twist it nervously. Kazembe’s own nerves about to boil over.

“Ok well I saw Daya and Val on the way to the car to get the rattle for the baby and they were there and….’ he stops talking leaps from the seat as if a snake suddenly bit him. ‘Shit dad that bastard kissed her!” Kazembe sighs, drums on the arm of his chair.

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Title: Bowling
Fandom: Valdaya
Note 1: 500themes using the prompt “don’t you dare”
Note 2: Inspired by Val’s bowling video, I changed it up a bit, but it’s fiction so that’s allowed, LOL.
Disclaimer: All for fun

“Dude did you see that?  Did you see that?!”  Val shouts excitingly, luckily with the noise of the busy bowling alley none of the other patrons thought anything unusual of it.

“Yeah yeah whatever lucky shot.”  Alex mutters as he stands up to to take his turn.

“Don’t be jealous because I gots skills and you don’t!”  The don’t escaped from his lips as he watched his friend get the dreaded seven ten split.  Alex in response sticks up his middle finger and on his second attempt is only able to master knocking one of the two remaining pins.

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Not So Innocent

Title: Not So Innocent
Fandom: Valdaya
Note: For 500themes using the prompt Suffer the agony

“What do you say we make this interesting?” It honestly surprises me how well articulate he is at the moment judging by the number of alcoholic mixed drinks he has over the course of the evening. He hadn’t pinpointed who specifically he had addressed with his question. I exchange looks with the others at the table hoping for one of them to take the reins by biting the bullet and asking what exactly he proposed. There is only silence except for Teddy crunching on a pretzel after pretzel and Val tapping the table top staring down his brother as if attempting to read his mind for an answer of make this interesting meant. As for the other, well I think he’s certainly way too gone to care let alone function. 

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A Horrible Mistake

Title: A Horrible Mistake
Fandom: Valdaya
Rating: PG-13
Note: A one-shot for 500themes using the prompt promise me

“I’ll go with you,” Val says with an attempt at confidence but it was quite apparent he was nowhere close to actually possessing any.

“Its alright sweetheart, we discussed this. It’ll be easier for them to handle if I go in alone,” Zendaya responds as her mind is screaming say yes, take him with you!

“Don’t you think they’ll look down on me if I allow you do this without me? After all we are a team.”

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Title: 102
Fandom: Valdaya
Note 1: Fir 500themes using the prompt crave
Note 2: Part of These Little Moments
Disclaimer: It’s all for fun

“I think I’m going to throw up.” Clarissa moans covering her mouth and suddenly becoming the oddest shade of green.

“Oh crap! Val quick get her!” Zendaya yells from the other side of the hotel suite, she knew that her daughter hadn’t been feeling good since she began the day (if not earlier) but stubborn as a damn mule Clarissa denied it. Zendaya couldn’t help to feel like a bad and selfish parent, she saw the signs of her baby being sick, but having so much on her plate it was easier to ignore the signs and just take the girl’s response as gospel.

“Its ok baby, its ok, just get it all out.” Val’s voice breaks through the running faucet and the sound of retching. Zendaya was glad he was able to swoop up Clarissa and get her to the bathroom before the carpet was stained an unattractive hue.

“Mommy?” At that Zendaya heads towards the room, to find Clarissa looking like death, the green turned to white, covered in sweat and leaning against Val absent of all energy.

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