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She’s No Angel (Part 10)

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A/N: dun dun dun dun …THANK YOU GUS FOR JUST BEING YOU GUYS! My 500th post for my most loved work and part 10. I do this for the kids. Part 10 is here, bye!

She’s No Angel Masterlist

Kylo paced back and forth in the command shuttle. He knew kidnapping you was wrong, but he needed to explain. There was something about you that made him so torn. Maybe he acted this way because he genuinely craved and liked the attention you gave him, while also hating how easily he was slipping into this comfortable position. You were a distraction, yet he felt the need to impress you constantly. He ripped the helmet off his head, maniacally breathing. He didn’t want you to find out like this. He was thankful, for the first time, that Hux gave him the chance to tell you. But of course, he ruined it. Kylo just felt like he was always messing up with you. It always felt like three steps forward and several steps back. He knew his emotions were a loose cannon and it didn’t help that he couldn’t understand nor control it. Not to mention the power you held over him. He didn’t understand what it was about you that made him succumb so easily. And that’s what frustrated him so much to the point where he went mad. And to top it off: jealousy.

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I too, would like to be able to take comfort in Dom’s strong arms/manly chest while making eyes with cutie Richie after a legit nervous breakdown.

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