500px alpine

Alpine Storm, by MarcoUsala

I’d like to reserve a huge thanks to Mr. Enrico Fossati who brought me here in this wonderful place last Sunday during our private workshop. He’s really a great Master. i was also glad to know new special friends Giuseppe Chiauzzi and Valter Joannas. Great men, people! I choosed a dark mood in this lowlight scene. Best in black. Sorry, but i removed the previous version cause was the wrong one. Thank all

Peyto Winter Sunset, by berniezajac

Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada. An experiment in processing… I’m often very restrained with the amount of processing I do on my shots; a firm believer that the best image quality is achieved by getting the shot as close to “ideal” at the first step of the process - the actual taking of the photo. However as photographers we realise very much so that nature is often not willing to co-operate 100%! And hence it feels a little unsettling posting something that I know has had this much treatment, and can only hope that I’ve not taken it too far. It’s an experiment, afterall, and I think it’s healthy to experiment with various thresholds of processing with various images simply to get an idea of really how far one can push it :) Either way, it makes me want to be there right now and to shoot it under many different conditions. So please enjoy… and don’t be too nasty, please :)