I have a lot of everything.. It’s my own personal pharmacy.

top left row:
60 Gabapentin 400mg, 10 Butalbital 40mg, 30 Hydroxyzine 25mg

middle left row:
60 Gabapentin 500mg, 90 Gabapentin 300mg, 28 Hydroxzine 10mg, 40 Baclofen 10mg

bottom left row:
87 Lamotrigine 25mg, 50 Ambien 5mg, 30 Ambien 5mg, 30 Hydrocodone 325mg

Miscellaneous pills in the corner:
2 Xanax 10mg
3 Dilaudid 4mg
1 Oxycontin 20mg
2 Oxycodone 5mg

anonymous asked:

So what's your personal opinion about edibles? I've always wanted to try them but haven't had the opportunity

Well before I ever sold them I made them for myself because they help my back pain more than smoking, at least the pain subsides longer than smoking. Same for my mom! Its not the same high as smoking for me, unless I eat like 75mg or more. Its more body high/pain relief/ anxiety killer for me. Daily smokers and heavy smokers /dabbers need more than the occasional smoker.. My mom doesn’t smoke at all and she’s 4 ft 9 so she’s literally blasted at 15mg lol. Weight sometimes party’s a role too, ppl smaller in size feel it harder. They’re not for everyone though, some ppl don’t feel them at all (but usually because they are dosing wrong or eating on a full or empty stomach) My boyfriend can’t feel edibles for shit unless its like 500mg or more. And he’s 6 ft over 200 lbs One of those things you just gotta try and see if they are beneficial for you or not.

To those who are interested in prescription opiates, here is a reminder to take care of your liver and extract the acetaminophen out of the pills. When consuming potent drugs, it is always best to minimize damage to the highest extent possible, so that one may live on.. to consume more drugs, and spread light to the world.

A good procedure follows:

In this example my starting material is a generic box of 32 tablets, each containing 8mg codeine phosphate and 500mg paracetamol. The tablets are removed from the packaging and dissolved in as little warm water as is possible to cover the pills. Once thoroughly dissolved, and when working with such a large number of tablets it may be worth adding a little extra cold water to reduce the temperature and increase the total volume. Please be aware that the more water that is used in the extraction process, the more paracetamol will remain in the final product. However, using too little water will make it very difficult to filter without a vacuum.

The solution is stirred and placed in a freezer for about 30 minutes, which should be enough time to reach close to freezing point and for the paracetamol to visibly begin to precipitate out. Once a suitable temperature is reached, the solution is quickly stirred before being poured through a coffee filter or tightly meshed material (a shirt or sock can be used, for example). It is advisable when working with such a large number of tablets to use multiple filter rigs as to avoid clogging and speed up the process. Once the solution has passed through the filter it would be a good idea to wash the precipitate with a small amount of cold water to dissolve and harvest any codeine caught by the filter.

The resulting solution will now be mostly clear and contains up to 256mg codeine phosphate with very little paracetamol. Refrigeration and filtration can be repeated if a clearer solution is desired, but this is usually unnecessary and wasteful, as each successive filtration will reduce the opioid content as it is absorbed by the filter material.

I don’t have an overly strong opinion about Me Before You, as I just don’t have the energy or spoons to do so, but it did make me extremely uncomfortable that my mom was going to see the movie because she read the book and thought it was good.

I overdosed on 22,500mg of amitriptyline last May. I’m severely depressed due to my multiple illnesses, chronic, daily pain, and disabilities; therefore, it makes me so, so, uncomfortable that anyone who knows me and the shit I go through on a daily basis would even consider seeing this movie. 

I’m very glad I convinced my mother to not see it after explaining why it makes me uncomfortable.

Please don’t see this movie. I feel like it makes light of what we really go through. I, personally, as a disabled person, agree with his decision to kill himself, as I too don’t want to live. But this movie is just more tragedy porn for able-bodied people and can make impressionable disabled/chronically ill people reconsider their lives. 

tagging @painandcats @creativeronica and @chronicillnessproblems so more people can see it 8)


Side project for a friend of mine. Was up so late last night working on this with my partner.

~3000 capsules, each containing 500mg of herbs and extracted THC/CBD.

~1000 on the left are a primarily THC blend, and the ~2000 on the right are a primarily CBD blend.

There were some other beneficial herbs, fungi & minerals in them too, like shilajit, maca, ashwagandha, holy basil, cordyceps, chaga, etc.

Apparently the suggested dose is 2 capsules- haven’t had a chance to try any yet though.

Sweet, sweet stims.

66 7.5mg adderall
0.2 grams of cocaine
5 30mg vyvanse
1 40mg vyvanse
1 60mg vyvanse
2 70mg vyvanse
1 20mg adderall
1 5/325mg acetaminophen/oxycodone
2 5/500mg acetaminophen/oxycodone